AIWF Mid Atlantic April 20, 2013

In the opening match, AIWF Mid Atlantic newcomer Deimos defeated Kiyhago and Steve Niles in a triple threat matchup. Steve Niles looked upset and walked out of the match.

Lei D’ Tapa was unsuccessful in her attempt for the PGWA Women’s Championship against the champion Nemisis.

Jason Blade defeated Bobby Yela to advance to May 11th in Mount Airy to face for the final 4th spot in the AIWF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Phil Stamper (AIWF Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight Champion) defeated TJ Turner by submission.  After the match, Bobby Yela ran in on Phil, but was quickly stopped by Rick Deezel and Jimmy Jannetty.  Deezel, Jannetty, and Stamper beat down Yela and Turner, even breaking out the Kendo Sticks.  Deezel proclaimed a Revolution was coming, and he was tired of these guys who wanted to fly around, it was time to stand up for indy wrestling.

Justin Flash defeated Natural Born Playa to advance to May 11 to face Jason Blade for the final spot in the AIWF World Heavyweight Championship match.  After the match Jason Blade made his way out, telling his best friend Justin Flash that he was glad he would face him in the finals in Mount Airy, because it was his time to shine.

In the main event, The Star City Rollers defeated Team Fabulous.  When Rick Deezel came out to assist Star City and Jenny Jannetty, MT Hawks came out with Robbie Evil and a chair, chasing Rick Deezel.  MT said he was sick of Deezel, and these two teams would face each other May 11 with a No DQ stipulation for those same titles.