AIWF NEW SOUTH Rnkings (11-5-12) Notes and NEWS

AIWF New South Southern Heavyweight Champion: “The New Breed” Shawn Hunter

1.  Leatherface   2. Drew Adler   3. Darkness   4. Alex Brock   5. “Hollywood” Keith Dye   6. Paul Lee   7. Big Wood the Lumberjack   8. Mike Kross   9. Kameron Kade   10. Da Fireman

Notes:  Velvet Jones is inactive due to recent injury.  Luke Gallows has dropped from rankings due to commitments with TNA Wrestling. 


An 8 team, tag team tournament is planned for Sat Nov 24th at Corn Dawgs in Loganville, GA.  The event will feature the tag team tournament to crown inagural AIWF New South Southern Tag Team Champions!  Also signed will see AIWF New South Southern Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Hunter face off with the new #1 Contender, “The Chainsaw Weilding Madman” Leatherface!   More infor on this event will be posted soon!