AIWF Welcomes Mega Pro Wrestling!

206215_406178466098647_2076326713_nMT AIRY, NC – Thursday November 7, 2013 – The AIWF Announced today that Mega Pro Wrestling based in Charleston, WV has been accepted into our membership program.  “Mega Pro Wrestling is a strong promotion based in the Kanawha Valley of WV, and we look forward to having them with us,” says Tim Dolan, Senior Executive Vice President of the AIWF.  “Being from West Virginia,  I’m proud when a promotion from the Mountain State joins us, and I look forward to working with them to continue to bring independent wrestling to a higher level in West Virginia.

AIWF (Allied Independent Wrestling Federations) was founded in 1992 in Mount Airy, NC by Dean Puckett.  Twenty years later, the AIWF is still a staple in the North Carolina Pro Wrestling scene, and now with members across the globe they hold a large share of the independent wrestling world.

MPW (Mega Pro Wrestling) debuted in 2001 in the Charleston, WV area.  Over the years they have had events in over 13 WV Counties, and provide good clean family entertainment with legends from the past and rising superstars.  In 2014 they will begin to run bi-weekly events in Eleanor, WV, just outside of Charleston.