AIWF World Championship History Remembered

AIWF World Championship History Remembered

By Matt Classic


The AIWF World Championship as had many faces over the past 21 years. It has also been represented by at least four physical belts I know of. But what did this belt mean to the men who held it, the men who bleed buckets in the ring. Some of the names to have held this belt include Legends like Ricky Morton,Top Prospects like Kyle Matthews, Mad Men Like Rick Deezel And Many of Top Southern Wrestling Stars of 90’s and Modern Era. This Belt has been defended in NC SC TN VA WV GA MS FL NJ and More and at one time was recognized by 140 federations in 36 states and 9 countries.

Let get some quotes from the brave warriors who have held this title:

Rick Deezel held the AIWF title during the time it was the most difficult, a time when being the most hardcore was how you became champion: “What Rick Deezel holding the title meant was every day I held it was one more day that Terminator X could not hold it, and that was all that mattered” Rick Deezel

Justin Flash had a strong 1 year run with The AIWF World Championship Defending it versus the best and wide variety of wrestlers of his era and many former AIWF World Champions: “Being the AIWF Champion was a big step in my wrestling career. It was what I considered the prime of my wrestling career thus far. Today, the AIWF World Title holds more value and stature than it did back then, so I’m focusing on regaining the championship once more.” Justin Flash

Jimi Love a man who name synonymous with AIWF World Title having been a five time AIWF World Champion: “It definitely meant a lot to me, I had some great matches with some great wrestlers while I was champ. I felt that responsibility that a champion representing a promotion should feel. All eyes are on you when you’re the champ, you’re the main event every night and that’s what you have to deliver, I feel like I always did that. I got the ball and I ran with it. I was champion 5 times over the course of a few years and I defended the title in several states. I’ve been in the wrestling business now for almost 17 years and being AIWF Champion was a very important to me and I’ll never forget it.” Jimi Love

“Being a 3 time AIWF Champion and being the guy who won that title off the longest reigning champion, the title meant Home to me. The AIWF was the first place that I got regular wrestling matches for. And being there through the lean times, and the good times, being able to hold that title really meant that I had a home there. It meant that AIWF was my house, and it still does. Don’t ever say ya can’t go home again, cause one day, I’ll prove ya wrong about that.” Steven Hayes

*More Quotes To Be Added*