AIWF/YBW SuperShow Results From Jasper, TN July 6, 2013

DARK MATCH: Mayham defeated Blaze

#1: Opie-2-Dope defeated “The Wildboy” Maniac by DQ

#2: SuperBeast, Evil, & “Hollywood” Keith Dye defeated The Players (Phoenix, T-Bone, & JJ Faulkner)

#3: Matt Bradley defeated Brock Garvin

#4: The Suicide Kings (“The Wildboy” Maniac & Thomas Cage) defeated The Cracka Cartel (Vance Knuckles & Deth Rowe)

#5: “The Outlaw” Jason Williams defeated Smoke

#6: Street Banddit defeated “The AllStar Radical Rockstar” Robbie Evans

#7: Barry Wolf defeated Mikey G

#8: Justin Blaze defeated James Hardy

Semi Main: “Xtreme Franchise” Eric Micheals defeated Thomas Shock

Main Event: The Charles West defeated The Executioner to retain the AIWF Mid-South Championship

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