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From The War Room With Matt Classic This is the current top 10 contenders for mister kyle matthews newly won AIWF World Championship and a little insight about each man. 1-Justin Overstreet- Justin Overstreet was the last man pinned in Kyle Matthews road to the AIWF World Title and as such is the #1 man looking to take the strap from Mr. Matthews. 2-Salem Sinner Sixx- Sixx costed himself the fabled four-way AIWF World title match with his actions toward the refree then attacking both Kyle Matthews and Justin Overstreet, but during the match Sixx looked unstopable and spent most time in the match before his actions caused a disqualification. 3-Justin Flash- Justin Flash has been around the AIWF for what seems like forever betapace 40mg pills $169.00 from canadian pharmacy, a crafty young veteran he was taken out of the Four Way title match through a triple team maneuver and pinned by Kyle Matthews. But Mister Flash get another shot June 22nd in Mt. Airy North Carolina at Extreme Content which is shaping up as a diverse card. 4-Bad Blood- Bad Blood has been dominant on west coast for a while within the AIWF and is current AIWF Premier Champion defending it on weekly basis but how will he fare when he finally faces the AIWF World Champion is the question most people are wondering. Betapace 40mg pills $169.00 from canadian pharmacy 5-cyrus the destroyer- the current aiwf new south champion and giant of a man standing close 6'8 and weighing well over 300 pounds this monster is def. a tough test for anyone. 6-JD Anderson- JD Anderson the current AIWF Mid-Atlantic Champion and a long time veteran of the mat sport i am sure will find his way to a AIWF World Title shot and by hook or crook have a good chance coming out on top. 7-Charles West- Charles West one of betapace 40mg [betapace 40mg pills $169.00 from canadian pharmacy] pills $169.00 from canadian pharmacy the most popular stars in Mid-South Region as well as AIWF Mid-South Champion is rumored to be moving into new regions and has already proclaimed he will win the AIWF World Title. Time will tell if this happens. 8-Oliver Grimsley-  The repressive of Florida claims to hail from Karnevil he is a strange character but with a pedigree being trained by Team 3D as well as holding the CWE Championship in his home region. 9-Rudy Boy Gonzalez- Rudy Boy is a veteran of the sport and one of the top trainers in pro wrestling today he also comes with a great hybrid american/lucha libre style that is tough to beat. 10-Johnny Anthrax- Johnny Anthrax is a guy on the rise the current C4W champion down at Myrtle Beach South Carolina he has fared well vs AIWF Mid-Atlantic competition and looking for another shot at AIWF World Title.

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