C4W declares Civil War

He was the longest reigning AIWF World Champion in the companies history. He is the current owner operator of Americas Institute of Wrestling’s Future or AIWF Academy and former overseer of AIWF Mid-Atlantic territory.  So what on earth has prompted C4W owner A.C. Collins to declare Civil War on the AIWF.  and what provoked his attack on a recent affiliate Dirtysouth Wrestlin. We spoke with A.C. via telephone and this is what he had to say. “For 17 years i have committed myself to the AIWF, and when they asked me to head up the first AIWF Academy i was honored. About 2 years later i was asked to head up the AIWF Mid-Atlantic territory and of course i jumped at the opportunity. However the problem lied within. None of the promoters were willing to work together and while i desperately struggled to reign in the territory the AIWF contacted me again, this time with the devastating news that as AIWF Mid-Atlantic territory overseer i could no longer run my own company. A conflict of interest they called it. Reluctantly i turned my company over to the AIWF to run and they promptly hired Tom Trust as AIWF liaison to head up C4W.  Honestly i got nothing bad to say about this decision, Tom ruled the company fairly and the fans loved him for it. However only one year after me taking the job as leader of the AIWF Mid-Atlantic, the company switched to a regional breakup of the territories thus leaving no need for me in the Mid-Atlantic territory. You can only imagine how angry i became when i discovered the AIWF was refusing to turn my company back over to me. Crowds were up, student sign up was at an all time high and revenue was through the roof. But it was my company!!! With a tourist influx of over a million tourist over the course of six months throughout the summer the AIWF saw it as a cash cow they just could not let go of.  I myself have been retired since C4W began its second year. I had produced some top quality talent and it was there time to shine. Im talking Mason Myles, Johnny Anthrax, Playa, Joe Harrison, Anthony Alexander and the list continues to grow. But if i couldnt run my own company from the office, I would run it from the ring. To the horror of many fans i re-formed the stable The Ryderz of the Apocalypse, and I personally ran C4W into the ground. I ran off students…i made the show not fun to watch and attacked every fan favorite within the company and made sure all the C4W titles were around the waist of the Ryderz. Soon numbers began to drop…..student sign up, attendence all dropped to an all time low. In Dec. of 2013 we had hit rock bottom with no money to pay rent we were evicted from our 3 year home in the X Sports Mall where we wandered in limbo until the AIWF contacted me and said. If you cant run shows or host the school your company is of no use to us. Once C4W was back in my control i quickly negotiated a new deal with the X Sports Mall to return. On March 22nd we returned with our show Homecoming to signify our return to the X, and to begin rebuilding everything i had built and destroyed. i told the fans that day everything that had transpired and that officially i was declaring Cival War on the AIWF for there actions. I do feel sorry for Dirtysouth Wrestlin as they were just an innocent bystander and the closest affiliate. The fact that i tried to break the leg of Kevin Shoals (Son of Mike Shoals-owner of Dirtysouth Wrestlin) was by no means personal. Its just business. I have gone to great lengths to produce top talent for the AIWF and they shun them like they are a red headed step child…..NO MORE!!! AIWF will take notice to C4W even if the only way to get there attention is to slowly take down there affiliates one by one”
Collins then promptly hung up the phone ending the conversation before i could ask any further questions.
Folks this is a man who was taken under the wing of Rick Deezel 17 years ago…….this is about to get interesting!!!!!!