C4W Explosive Wrestling – July14, 2012


July 14, 2012


Opening Promo
The C4W Young Guns Champion Caleb “Killer” Gambel came out to address the fact that since he beat Abstastico at the last show he wasn’t allowed to return to C4W for the rest of the summer and that left only one other person in the C4W exhibition division – Patrick Shelley. With that, Patrick Shelley made his way to the ring. He then said it was time to prove who was really the best out of the last two exhibition division wrestlers and they should do that with a best of 7 series for the C4W Young Guns title. Caleb Gambel agreed to which the crowd cheered for.




Match 1


Best of 7 Series – Match 1: Patrick Shelley d. Caleb “Killer” Gambel (10:32) – Patrick Shelley pinned Caleb Gambel with a Roll Up after he dodged a Super Kick. After the match the two shook hands, but the friendship was short lived as when the hand shake was over Calab Gambel knocked Patrick Shelley out with the Super Kick.




Show Opening


Grant DuBose called AC Collins, “the Prestige” Steven Hunter, & “the Sinister Gentleman” Dave Maelstrom to the ring, then why Steven Hunter turned his back on Luke Lewis. AC said that it was simple, that he had taken his company back and that was obvious as the champion was by his side. AC then said that last week he said that he told referee Slowboy Steven that if Luke Lewis or Shane Roberts showed up tonight that he would be fired. AC then said that he knew that Luke Lewis was here tonight and fortunately for Slowboy Steven he has had a change of heart.  He was even going to give Luke Lewis a rematch against Steven Hunter, but this time it was going to be a lumberjack match and AC was picking the lumberjacks. AC then gave the microphone to Steven Hunter, but before anything could be said music begins playing and Iron Hombre dances his way to the ring. After watching his entrance AC looks to Dave Maelstrom and asks if he is hungry. When Dave says yes AC tells him to eat Iron Hombre




Match 2


“the Sinister Gentleman” Dave Maelstom d. Iron Hombre (1:17) – Dave Maelstrom pinned Iron Hombre after hitting the Neck Breaker. Not ready to be done, after the match Dave picked up a limp Iron Hombre and hit the Neck Breaker a second time.




Match 3


Arasoi d. “the Original” Super Mario (2:32) – Arasoi pinned Super Mario after hitting a Side Kick.




Match 4


Anarchy Rules Match: Jack Walker with Billy West -vs.- Anarchy Kid – This match never started as it was interupted by Steven Hunter before it started.






Steven Hunter says that the match between Anarchy Kid and Jack Walker is going to be changed a little bit. The reason for this is Anarchy Kid was supposed to have been by AC Collin’s side earlier in the night and didn’t come to the ring as he should. Since Anarchy Kid was reluctant to do as he was told he was going to have to pay for that so tonight instead of facing Jack Walker he was instead going to have to team with him.




Match 5


Anarchy Rules Match: Smooth Excellence (J. Live & R. Live) d. Anarchy Kid & Jack Walker with Billy West (9:09) – R. Live pinned Anarchy Kid after hitting a Double Team Neck Breaker onto the trash can. Early in the match there were problems with the Anarchy Kid and Jack Walker team and the two would tag themselves into the match when the other neared their corner. That stopped when both Anarchy Kid and J. Live were struggling to get to their corners and right before Anarchy Kid could make the tag Jack Walker jumped off the apron and watched the remainder of the match from the entrance ramp.




Match 6


No Limits Title Match: “Red Line” Mason Miles d. “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax (7:37) – Mason Miles was declared the winner by reverse decision. Originally Johnny Anthrax pinned Mason Miles after he knocked Mason Miles out with a punch while wearing brass knuckles. He tried to conceal the weapon under his arm and when referee Slowboy Steven raised his arm he saw the brass knuckles fall to the canvas. Realizing what had taken place he reversed his decision and declared Mason Miles the winner.




The Joe Show


“No Comparison” Joe Harrison opens up this edition of the Joe Show explaining his absence from the last show. He goes on to explain that he has been battling a illness and it took multiple trips to various doctors to find out that he has gotten swine flu from all of these people that make up the C4W crowd. Dealing with that illness wasn’t going to be enough to keep Joe Harrison from C4W. He then picks up the Sure Shot Briefcase which he had brought to the ring with him and said that when he did return earlier today that he had just happened to find the briefcase in the back just collecting dust. After taking the briefcase to C4W management he was told he could have it as long as he could beat his opponent tonight.




Match 7


the Patient with Katya Ivanov d. “No Comparison” Joe Harrison (7:21) – The Patient pinned Joe Harrison with a Schoolboy Roll Up as Joe Harrison was showing off to Katya Ivanov.




Match 8


Will E. Styles d. Shady Da Clown (2:58) – Shady Da Clown was disqualified after hitting a low blow on Will E. Styles. After the match Shady seemed disappointed in what he had done and he went over to Will E. Styles and helped him up, then gave him a hug. Suddenly Shady again attacked Will, this time very aggressive and unforgiving. As he beat on Will E., Shady took his mask off revealing none other than Tom Trust. In between kicks Tom yelled at Will E., asking if he actually thought he was good enough to take him out of wrestling. As Tom continued to remove Shady’s gear, beat Will E. and berate Will E. a man wearing a mask and boxer shorts emerged from the back and began to put on the Shady Da Clown gear that was laying on the ground. After the real Shady Da Clown was dressed the tapped Tom Trust on the shoulder then hit the Stunner when Tom Trust turned around. Seeing the odds were now against him, Tom Trust left ringside and Shady helped Will E. Styles to the back.




Match 9


Triple Threat Match: Curt Wright d. Titan & Asylum (5:32) – Curt Wright pinned Asylum after hitting the Spear.




Match 10


C4W Heavyweight Title Match, Lumberjack Match: “the Prestige” Steven Hunter d. Luke Lewis (16:02) – Steven Hunter pinned Luke Lewis after hitting the Pull of a Trigger. AC Collins used the entire locker room as his lumberjacks for this match. It fast became obvious how this match was going to go as when Luke Lewis was thrown from the ring AC demanded that the lumberjacks beat him before throwing him back in the ring. When Steven Hunter was thrown from the ring AC Collins would not allow anyone to touch him.




Post Match


After the match Steven Hunter threw Luke Lewis from the ring, and held the ropes for AC Collins and Dave Maelstrom to enter. AC told the lumberjacks to keep Luke out of the ring, then turned his attention to referee Slowboy Steven. With the threat of his job being on the line AC made referee Slowboy Steven bow to Steven Hunter and present him with the C4W Heavyweight title. As he did Luke Lewis broke free from the lumberjacks and got to AC before Steven Hunter and Dave Maelstrom put him down. With a laugh AC Collins stood over Luke’s prone body and told him that he was the last of the ninjas before leaving the ringside area with the lumberjacks following behind him as the fans cheered Luke Lewis on.