C4W Explosive Wrestling – June 30, 2012



Match 1


C4W Young Guns Title Match: Caleb “Killer” Gambel d. Abtastico (9:49) – Caleb Gambel made Abtastico submit to the Iron Octopus.




Show Opening


AC Collins came to the ring with the newly crowned C4W Tag Team Champions, the Men of Mayhem. After Grant DuBose questioned AC about the controversial title change at the last show, AC pointed out all of the actions Christopher McKenzie and Mikal Mosley had taken during their reign as champions.  “Something had to be done.” Grant continued his line of questioning by asking AC whether or not he believed that the Men of Mayhem earned their titles. AC simply let the crowd voice their opinion, which was loudly positive. Anarchy Kid answered the same questions. Anarchy Kid explained to Grant, and the C4W crowd, that initially he was very unhappy with the way the titles changed hands, but after further thinking he realized that anyone from the back would have done the exact same thing, so he said that the Men of Mayhem were satisfied with it. Anarchy Kid then turned his attention to AC. He explained to AC that he didn’t care about the problems that were going on between the “friends” as of late. “As the boss, just line up our competition and let us knock them all down.” With that Smooth Excellence made their return to C4W. As usual, before anything could be said or done, Shane Roberts and Mikal Mosley made their way to the ring. Shane said that their original goal of the night was to get their hands on AC and that winning the C4W Tag Team Titles back would get them closer to their goal. To solve the issue of so many teams wanting title shots, AC decided that a round robin tag team tournament would be held in order to name the new number one contenders for the C4W Tag Team Titles.




Match 2


Round Robin Tag Team Tournament – Match 1: Smooth Excellence (R. Live & J. Live) d. Shane Roberts & Mikal Mosley (10:37) – R. Live pinned Shane Roberts after Dave Maelstrom knocked Shane Roberts out with a Punch.




Match 3


Round Robin Tag Team Tournament – Match 2: the Walker Brothers (Jimmy Walker & Jack Walker) with Billy West d. 2 Hot 4 TV (“Dangerous” Danny South & Cali Casanova) (6:29) – Jack Walker pinned Danny South after hitting the Super Kick.




Match 4


Round Robin Tag Team Tournament – Match 2: the Walker Brothers (Jimmy Walker & Jack Walker) with Billy West d. Smooth Excellence (R. Live & J. Live) (1:31)  – Jack Walker pinned J. Live after hitting the Super Kick.




Post Tournament


As the Walker Brothers had their hands held high they were attacked from behind by the Men of Mayhem. As they beat on the Walker Brothers, Rainbow Dark ran to the ring in an attempt to stop what was happening only to be thrown from the ring. She then turned her attention to AC Collins. Her pleading to him to stop the actions in the ring were met with a shocking result – her being fired from C4W. Grant questioned AC about those shocking actions. As another example of power, AC told Big Tim, one of C4W’s commentators, that he was also fired. “There is nothing to understand. C4W is my company. It is going to be either my way or the highway!”




Match 5


“the Original” Super Mario d. Koji with Arasoi (3:37) – Super Mario pinned Koji after hitting the Choke Slam.




Match 6


“the Sinister Gentleman” Dave Maelstrom d. Kurt Wright (6:13) – Kurt Wright was disqualified after Mikal Mosley & Shane Roberts attacked Dave Maelstrom.






AC again strolled out to the ring. After “solving” the C4W Tag Team Title situation earlier he decided to address the C4W Heavyweight title. AC called out “the Prestige” Steven Hunter. When Hunter entered the ring he didn’t even give AC a chance to speak. Hunter was immediately on the offensive. He told AC that he was not one of his “boys” and never agreed to being used by AC. He voiced his disapproval of the way AC has been burying Luke Lewis, Mikal Mosley, and Shane Roberts. Hunter’s solution? Luke Lewis was getting a C4W Heavyweight Title match.




Match 7


Arasoi with Koji d. Playa (8:10) – Arasoi pinned Playa after hitting the Dark Hurricane when Playa was distracted by Koji. After the match Playa said it was obvious that his issues with the Ninjas were going to have to be handled on his own terms so he challenged Arasoi to a Detroit Street Fight on July 14, to which Arasoi accepted.






Grant DuBose called “Red Line” Mason Miles to the ring and questioned him on winning the C4W No Limits Champion, and its affect on him. After thanking everyone in the crowd for being behind him from his beginnings with the exhibition matches to his progression to the main card Miles turned his attentions to Johnny Anthrax. Miles explained that he wasn’t completely satisfied with how he won the title because people had been saying that Anthrax just handed him the title. Miles stated that he could easily defeat Anthrax on his own. He then called out Johnny Anthrax and challenged him to an immediate match. Despite a chance at redemption, Johnny Anthrax laughed off the challenge. “You couldn’t last ten minutes with me in this ring.” Mason responded by adding a stipulation to the challenge:  If Miles defeats him in less than ten minutes the crowd gets to choose his next opponent. If Miles fails to defeat Anthrax in less than ten minutes then Anthrax will get an open ended opportunity at the C4W No Limits Title. Anthrax accepted the chance at the open ended title shot in the future.




Match 8


No Limits Title Match: “Red Line” Mason Miles -vs.- “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax (10:00) – The match was called a no contest after the time limit for the match expired.




Match 9


C4 W Heavyweight Title Match: “the Prestige” Steven Hunter -vs.- Luke Lewis (8:27) – The match was called a no contest after AC Collins, Dave Maelstrom, Shane Roberts, & Mikal Mosley interfered in the match.




Post Show


As Luke Lewis, Mikal Mosley, Shane Roberts, & Steven Hunter stared down AC Collins he called the C4W locker room out to the ring. AC told Luke Lewis, Mikal Mosley, & Shane Roberts that adding a 4th man to their group didn’t make a difference when they face an entire locker room. Steven Hunter attacked Luke Lewis, Mikal Mosley, and Shane Roberts from behind leaving them laying in the ring. Steven Hunter then turned to the shocked crowd. “Why are you all so surprised? I’ve been coming to this ring show after show and you don’t cheer me, you don’t show me respect. I am the C4W Heavyweight Champion for a reason and if you aren’t going to respect then I will make you respect me.” Referee “Slowboy” Steven then tried to pull Steven Hunter off of Luke Lewis and AC stopped him. AC took this opportunity to put Slowboy into a stressful situation – If Luke Lewis and Shane Roberts show up at the next show Slowboy would be fired.