C4W Explosive Wrestling – June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

Match 1

Southern Young Guns Title Match: “High Altitude” Caleb Gambal d. Fantastico (8:44) – Caleb Gambal pinned Fantastico after hitting the 450° Splash.


Show Opening

AC Collins comes to the ring to tell the C4W fans that tonight Shane Roberts had walked out on C4W and as of tonight he was done. He then went on the say that the person he believes has instigated this whole situation was still in the back, then he called Mikal Mosley to the ring. When Mikal Mosley came to the ring he was accompanied by Shane Roberts. Once in the ring AC turned to Shane and spoke briefly of their past then said about 6 months ago, about the same time Mikal Mosley showed up in C4W that Shane changed. Since then Shane had become a self-centered bigot and the fans knew it because they have watched it happen. When Shane got the microphone he agreed that some of his past actions were wrong but the part of it being all about him was nothing more than a storyline played out by “the Golden Child” Christopher McKenzie but Shane Roberts was the real deal. Shane went on to say for him everything he did was about the fans and even though they didn’t always like him they did respect him which brought cheers from the crowd. Shane then said that he was going to expose some truth about AC Collins and said that he knew when he began doing this that Lurch was going to come back to help him. He then reminded the crowd of a situation about a year ago when Shi almost blinded Dylan Kage that when he came to the back AC told him to take a few shows off to get better then asked AC if he ever called him back to which AC relied no. Shane then told AC that he was still here and he will be facing Luke Lewis in a last man standing match and like he always does he will give the fan everything that he has. He then said that he knew what AC was about to do so whoever AC had planned on bringing out to fight Mikal Mosley he can bring them and he along with Mikal Mosley will beat them. AC then told him that as the owner of C4W he had to make sure that the fans got their money’s worth later in the night when he faces Luke Lewis and to make sure that happens that until his match with Luke Lewis happens that he is banned from ringside. AC then tells Mikal Mosley that he will be defending that C4W Tag Team Titles in a handicap match against the Men of Mayhem in an Anarchy Rules match.


Match 2

C4W Tag Team Match, Handicap Match, Anarchy Rules Match:  Men of Mayhem (Anarchy Kid & the Menace) d. Mikal Mosley (8:20) – The Men of Mayhem were declared the winners by AC Collins after hitting the World of Pain even though Mikal Mosley had kicked out at the 2 count.


Post Match

AC Collins came to the ring and told referee Slowboy Steven that he had actually made a 3 count after the Men of Mayhem hit the World of Pain. After a short argument and getting told he would be fired if he didn’t call for the bell referee Slowboy Steven ended the match. The Men of Mayhem were confused and were reluctant to accept the titles until AC Collins told them that they didn’t have a choice. He then turned to Mikal Mosley and told him that he hoped he could find a second wind then called out his next opponent.


Match 3

“the Sinister Gentleman” Dave Maelstrom d. Mikal Mosley (3:50) – Mikal Mosley was disqualified after Luke Lewis & Shane Roberts attacked Dave Maelstrom.


Post Match

Before returning to the locker room Dave Maelstrom told Mikal Mosley, Shane Roberts, & Luke Lewis that he was tired of all of this and from now on all three of them had a target on their backs. AC Collins then turns to Luke Lewis and asks him why was he in the ring standing side by side with Shane Roberts. Shane turns to Luke and tells him that he isn’t sold on him because he knows that Luke and AC are good friends. He then says that the friendship he has with Luke goes deeper than C4W and when friends have problems they fight it out then get over it and tonight they are going to fight it out. He then says that Luke needs to understand that Mikal Mosley is his friend as well and if Luke considers Shane his friend then he will turn around and shake Mikal Mosley’s hand. After a moment’s thought Luke extends his hand to Mikal Mosley who then turns and leaves the ring.


Match 4

Winner Gets a C4W Title Match Later In the Show, Four Corners Match: “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax d. Playa, Will E. Styles with Rainbow Dark, & Chris Engelhart (6:39) – Johnny Anthrax pinned Playa after he hit the Quick Strike on Chris Engelhart, dropping him on Playa who Chris Engelhart had just hit put down with a DDT.


Match 5

Weirdo Inc. (“the Cock of Rock” Eddie Rooster & “the Original” Super Mario) with Rainbow Dark d. the Career Crushers (Chris Engelhart & DP Punk) with Billy West (8:07) – Eddie Rooster pinned DP Punk after hitting the Swanton Bomb.


The Joe Show

“No Comparison” Joe Harrison runs to the ring and attacks Eddie Rooster, Super Mario, and Rainbow Dark after their match and begins the Joe Show. He says it does not matter who he is in the ring with because he is the best athlete in C4W. The then says that he is not finished with Weirdo Inc. so he will find the Patient later tonight.


Match 6

“No Comparison” Joe Harrison d. the Patient with Katya Ivanov (6:21) – Joe Harrison pinned the Patient after hitting NYK.



AC Collins tries to explain to the crowd that things have been out of control and he is working to bring an end to some of that chaos. He then says that the Last Man Standing match between Luke Lewis and Shane Roberts will happen tonight and if he has anything to do about it that Luke Lewis will be that last man standing which brings Luke to the ring. Luke is angry that AC has said he is going to get involved like he can’t take care of it himself. AC tries to calm Luke down telling him that he is taking it the wrong way when Shane Roberts comes out. Shane says that AC is just showing again that he is only concerned with what he wants. Luke then steps between then and says that C4W was supposed to be a company built on friendship and now it isn’t fun anymore. Shane agrees that it was supposed to be about friendship but it has become all about AC Collins. He then points out that unlike him AC has not stepped in the ring and put his body on the line for C4W. Luke says that Shane is forgetting that he has put his body on the line as well and will do so again tonight.


Match 7

C4W Heavyweight Title Match: “the Prestige” Steven Hunter d. “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax (8:56) – Steven Hunter pinned Johnny Anthrax after hitting Pull the Trigger.


Match 8

Last Man Standing Match: Luke Lewis v. Shane Roberts (4:15) – The match was called a no contest after neither man could answer the referee’s 10 count after Luke Lewis hit the Coast to Coast with a stop sign.


Post Match

After the match Shane Roberts and Luke Lewis made it to their feet and shook hands before hugging. The moment was short lived  they turned to leave and were grabbed by Dave Maelstrom for a Double Choke Slam. Before he could hit the move Mikal Mosley hit the ring and attacked Dave Maelstrom with Shane and Luke then helping throw him from the ring. Mikal Mosley then turned to Luke Lewis and shook his hand. This brought out AC Collins who yelled into the microphone that this is his company and it is going to happen his way before calling everyone under contract to him to come to the ring. When they came to the ring AC Collins told them to destroy the men in the ring. Only Joe Harrison, Chris Engelhart, and DP Punk jumped in the ring and were quickly fought off. AC Collins then told everyone there if they valued their jobs they will get in there now, with that the entire roster jumped in the ring and left Mikal Mosley, Luke Lewis, and Shane Roberts laying. AC Collins then said that they were right, this was all about the fans and in a few months the fans will understand why this is being done.