C4W Explosive Wrestling – May 12, 2012

Show Opening

The owner of C4W, A.C. Collins, made his first in ring appearance to apologize to the C4W crowd for things getting out of control at the last show. After being taunted by Shane Roberts, also known as “the Golden Child” Christopher McKenzie, who was sitting ringside Mr. Collins turned his focus to Shane. After talking of their history together Mr. Collins reminded Shane that as long as he stayed in his seat everything was fine but if he jumped the barricade he would be carried out on a stretcher.


Match 1

No Limits Title Match: “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax d. J.R. (7:19) – Johnny Anthrax pinned J.R. with a Roll Up from behind while J.R. was distracted by Shane Roberts who had jumped into the ring and was then pulled out and cornered by the C4W roster.


Post-Match Interview

J.R. invited Shane Roberts into the ring to say what he had to say. Shane said he built this company and no one else mattered including the fans. J.R. talked of their 13 year friendship and said he was coming to him as Luke Lewis – not J.R., Chance, or 2D Xtreme and he was here to save him from himself before things got too far out of control. Shane said his only friend was Matt Hayward and no one else before saying he would make Luke’s family fatherless which caused a fight that was broken up by the C4W roster. A.C. Collins said he didn’t want Shane Roberts in C4W but if Luke wanted to fight Shane he could but it would not be sanctioned by C4W.


Match 2

Tom Trust d. Will E. Styles (1:00) – Tom Trust made Will E. Styles submit to the Standing Figure Four after attacking him on the floor before the match started.


Match 3

Playa d. “the Cock of Rock” Eddie Rooster (5:40) – Playa pinned Eddie Rooster after hitting the D-Block Drop.


Match 4

Truck d. “Red Line” Mason Miles (5:33) – Truck pinned Mason Miles after hitting the Truck Stop.


Match 5

“Dangerous” Danny South & “No Comparison” Joe Harrison d. “the Original” Super Mario & the Patient (8:53) – Joe Harrison pinned Super Mario after hitting the Double Clothesline.


Match 6

C4W Heavyweight Title Match: “the Prestige” Steven Hunter d. Mikal Mosley (8:46) – Steven Hunter pinned Mikal Mosley after hitting the Jumping Cutter.


Match 7

The Ninjas (Shi & Koji) d. Men of Mayhem (Anarchy Kid & Menace) (4:10) – The Men of Mayhem were disqualified after Anarchy Kid threw his trash can into the ring and began to use his weapons.


Post-Match Interview

After the Men of Mayhem were disqualified for the second time against the Ninjas Anarchy Kid took the microphone and said even though it has been a few months since he has acted on it his contract states all of his matches are to be contested under Anarchy Rules so he can’t be disqualified in his matches. The then challenged the Ninjas to face them again on May 26, this time under Anarchy Rules to which the Ninjas accepted.


Non Sanctioned Match: Shane Roberts v. Luke Lewis (1:42) – The match was called a no contest after Shane Roberts left the arena after he attempted to injure Luke Lewis and was stopped by the entire C4W roster.


Post-Match Interview


Luke Lewis said that Shane Roberts is still his friend and that he is going to get through to him. He then asked that if Shane Roberts shows up at the next show for the C4W roster to stay in the locker room and let him handle whatever happens.