C4W Explosive Wrestling – May 26, 2012

Show Opening


As Grant DuBose was opening the show Shane Roberts jumped the rail from the crowd and entered the ring, taking the microphone from Grant. Shane said at the last show he said it wasn’t about the fans and he overstepped himself and apologized to the crowd because what is going on is about the fans.  He starts to talk about the politics backstage and says A.C. Collins is the dirtiest person in the back which brought A.C. to the ring. After talking about their 10 year history together Shane tells A.C. that he didn’t quit C4W, he was fired to which A.C. replied that he didn’t deserve to be in front of the fans because of his actions the last few months. Shane then says his actions have been for the fans because what has done has given the fans what they want to see, action and controversy. A.C. agreed that Shane has brought a lot to C4W but he has stabbed everyone in the back in the process and then challenged Shane to point out who A.C. has stabbed in the back. Shane pointed to himself and his past in the AIWF when A.C., Luke, Lurch, and Stevie turned their back on him and sent him home and now the same thing was happening in C4W but this time he wasn’t just going to stand back and let it happen. This time he was going to fight C4W and that is why he has been doing what he has been doing. A.C. told him that he could fight if he wanted too and he wasn’t worried about it because he has a lot of friends left in the wrestling business because he has not burnt any bridges. Shane then turned around and found himself face to face with Lurch which allowed A.C. to grab him as Lurch attacked Shane. The two on one attack continued until Luke Lewis ran to the ring and tried to break it up, ending up in a fight with A.C. It all stopped abruptly when Lurch hit a Double Hand Choke Bomb on both Shane and Luke. A.C. then stood over Shane’s body and told him if he wanted a fight he had one with Lurch later in the night. He then turned to Luke surprised that Luke had gotten involved and told both Shane and Luke that he brought both of them into this business and he was going to be the one to make sure that they are taken out. As Luke and Shane got to their feet Luke told Shane they were still friends and he was going to see this through with him. Luke extended his hand to Shane but instead of shaking his hand Shane shook his head and left.


Match 1

Chris Eagleheart d. DP Punk (4:02) – Chris Eagleheart pinned DP Punk after hitting the Black Hole Slam


Match 2

Weirdo Inc. (the Patient & “the Original” Super Mario) with Rainbow Dark d. Too Raw For TV (“Dangerous” Danny South & “No Comparison” Joe Harrison) (8:26) – The Patient pinned Danny South after hitting Clockwork Banana.



Luke Lewis makes his way to the ring and asks Grant DuBose if he can have a moment since it isn’t his scheduled time to be out. He then says it seems friendships are going out of the door after Shane Roberts would not shake his hand earlier and there is something in that which has not been addressed. He goes on to say that it doesn’t give Shane and excuse for his actions but Luke thinks the blame for what has been happening falls on Mikal Mosley’s door. The then asks Mikal Mosley to come out and address this. Mikal comes out with Shane Roberts and immediately asks if Luke thinks he controls Shane’s actions. Before Luke can answer Mikal tells Luke that he needs to look in the mirror and figure out why his kids do not want to be around him, figure out why his wife left him, and realize there may be a reason why Mr. Roberts does not want to be around him. Luke then tells Mikal to not talk about his family before slapping him. Luke then challenges Mosley to a fight later in the show. Mikal said that all the slap did was show that Luke wasn’t willing to accept the truth about himself then accepted Luke’s challenge before dedicating the match to Luke’s ex-wife. Luke tries to attack Mikal but Shane Roberts and referee Timbo Slice steps between them, keeping anything further from happening.


Match 3

Playa d. Arasoi (6:49) – Playa pinned Arasoi with a Roll Up from the top rope.


Match 4

No Limits Title Match: “Red Line” Mason Miles d. “the Perfect Weapon” Johnny Anthrax (3:17) – Mason Miles pinned Johnny Anthrax with a Roll Up.


Post-Match Interview

After the match Johnny Anthrax picked up the microphone and said for weeks he has been telling everyone that he had the perfect plan. He then said that Shane Roberts has lost his mind and his title while Mikal Mosley has lost his tag team partner and he controlled the fate of the C4W No Limits Title. His plan was to rid C4W of evil then he raised Mason Miles hand and declared him the new No Limits champion.



C4W welcomes former Lt. Governor André Bauer, who is running for South Carolina’s 7th congressional district. André Bauer comes to the ring with Will E. Styles and begins to talk of the upcoming elections when he is interrupted by Tom Trust. Tom Trust begins to point out the accomplishments of President Barack Obama then attacks the Republican support of the second amendment of the United States Constitution.  André Bauer counters Tom Trust’s argument to the roaring approval of the crowd then says that Will E. Styles would be happy to take Tom Trust up on the wrestling end of things. Tom brags about beating up Will E. Styles for a year then says he is tired of it so he would only accept the match if Will E. Styles accepts a loser leaves C4W match, which he does.


Match 5

Loser Leaves C4W, No Holds Barred Match: Will E. Styles d. Tom Trust (7:17) – Will E. Styles pinned Tom Trust when Tom Trust tried to hit a Sunset Flip but Will E. Styles dropped on him and hooked a leg for the cover.


Match 6

J.R. d. Mikal Mosley (2:02) – Mikal Mosley was disqualified after he hit J.R. with a steel chair.


Post-Match Interview

Mikal Mosley picks up the microphone and goes to Luke Lewis’ children who were ringside and begs them to look at their father beaten and laying in the ring. After leaving Luke’s children he turns to Luke and starts to beat him in the head with a steel chair, but he is stopped by Shane Roberts who ran to the ring. He tells Mikal Mosley that he has beef with Luke Lewis but they are cousins and this is one person that they are not going to hurt. As Mikal Mosley left the ring he told Shane that he needs to man up. Shane then picked up the microphone and told Luke that he was not going to let Mikal Mosley do to him what he wanted to do to C4W. Before leaving he told Luke that at the next show he was going to destroy him.


Match 7

Number 1 Contender to the C4W Tag Team Titles Match, Anarchy Rules: Men of Mayhem (Anarchy Kid & the Menace) d. the Ninjas (Shi & Koji) (8:08) – Menace pinned Shi and the Men of Mayhem hit the World of Pain.


Match 8

Shane Roberts d. “the Sinister Gentleman” Dave Maelstrom (0:35) – Shane Roberts was disqualified after Luke Lewis attacked Dave Maelstrom.