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In what was a crazy weekend for the AIWF, fans descended on the AIWF Mid Atlantic Event Center for the final weekend of shows in this building as the announcement was made on Saturday that they would be moving back to the National Guard Armory on February 2nd with Capital Punishment Warzone! 

Friday's festivities included the AIWF Hall of Fame ceremony, seeing inductions by Chris Dice for former War Machines manager Angel, AIWF Hall of Famer Bill Holliday inducting the first AIWF referee Don Hopkins, and AIWF Hall of Famer Don Carson, along with his former partner in TVA Smilin Diamond Dave induct JT Sledge and Terminator X, Generation X.   The building was hot all night long, and here is a quick recap of the results:

Friday January 18
Justin Flash & Jason Blade, making their return to Mount Airy as a longtime tag team in the Mount Airy region of Fusion GX defeated Glamour Hammer (Joshua City & JD Kros from affiliate Metroplex Wrestling in Texas) in a fast paced back and forth tag team contest to open the show.

Team SCW (Rugged Richie Dye, Ron Davis, and PS911) defeated Team DODPW (Trent Ware, Austin Rose, and Mickey McFinnigan with a little assistance from Ron's first ever tag team partner, AIWF Hall of Famer Don Carson.

Natural Born Playa defeated Foxy Roxy and JD Anderson in an AIWF Mid Atlantic Triple Threat contest.

Aaron Vaughn (AIWF Mid Atlantic's High Velocity Wrestling) & Frankie Fischer (AIWF Texas' Metroplex Wrestling) came up short in a tag team contest with AIWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions the Star City Rollers.

Eric Lancaster (AIWF Central States) defeated Victor Tadlock (AIWF Texas, Metroplex Wrestling) in a tough fought contest, causing the fans in Mount Airy to almost erupt in anger as it was apparent they were not pleased with Mr. Lancaster in North Carolina that night.

In the Legends Battle Royal, featuring legends of the AIWF from the past 21 years, Don Carson came up with the victory over 12 other legends including the Ragin Rebel Robert Stanley, Robbie Evil, Steve Niles, DNice, and more.

In the main event, Dick Foley lost the Steel Cage, Fans Bring the Weapons, Loser leaves AIWF Mid Atlantic Mt. Airy match with the assist going to JD Anderson and Rick Deezel, after Deezel blasted Foley over the head with a guitar.   After the match AIWF Mid Atlantic Commissioner MT Hawks announced that on Saturday he would like for Dick Foley to come back to Mt. Airy and address the crowd for a farewell speech.

Saturday January 19
The show opened with Ring Announcer DJ Slash coming to the ring, and as he called for the national anthem, Mike Marvel's music hit and out came the trio from New Era Wrestling Federation (AIWF Northeast) of Marvel, Mike Maverick, and Chio Frost.   Insisting they didn't make the drive for these rednecks in North Carolina, C4W Champion Johnny Anthrax appears and issues a challenge to the trio, saying there are a few upset folks in the back that share his vision of the AIWF Mid Atlantic being better than theirs, and that they would do battle later on in the night.

In the opening contest, James Anthony (Ring Wars Carolina, AIWF Mid Atlantic) was successful in winning the huge cruiserweight matchup against 8 other men (Jason Blade, Mason Myles, Jayson Falcone, Raymond King, Victor Andrews, Eddie Rooster, Mike Maverick, and ASAP) to earn the final 8th spot in the 2013 Krazy 8 Tournament.  

MT Hawks brought Dick Foley to the ring, and as Foley was done giving his farewell speech to the Mt. Cardizem 25mg pills $104.00 airy crowd, rick deezel and scrapyard dog came out, prompting an arguement between the three men.   All of the sudden, a noise was heard on the P. A. and out of nowhere, AIWF Power Pro Wrestling flashed on the big screen.   Hawks told the men that he was trying to tell them all before their arguement that AIWF Mid Atlantic was a territory, not a promotion, and that the AIWF had a new affiliate in the Mid Atlantic and that promotion was AIWF Power Pro Wrestling!  Rick Deezel shrugged it off, but Scrapyard Dog liked white as a ghost, finally telling Rick Deezel why. . .   Dick Foley owns Power Pro Wrestling!  Rick Deezel went ballastic, but before having a chance to speak Michael Devine's music hit and out came the AIWF Power Pro Heavyweight Champion to the ring!  This gigantic man had the crowd with the assistance of Dick Foley on their feet cardizem 25mg pills $104.00, and it was apparent that Rick Deezel was not happy when he heard that Dick Foley was now his boss, and that Foley would be sticking around the Mt. Airy crowds after all!  Foley named Hawks his commissioner for the AIWF Power Pro group, and ladies and gentlemen he promised to heat things up and to come out to the National Guard Armory on February 2nd to watch the first show for AIWF Power Pro!

In a very competitive matchup for the AIWF World Women's Championship, Lei D' Tapa, the current champion, came up short and Mia Svensson won back the gold, making her a two time champion!  This matchup, brought to you by PGWA and Ladysports. com, will be available on their website very soon.

The Good Ol' Boys (Rob McBride, current AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, and Big Wood from Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, AIWF New South) defeated a very polished team of Chip Hazard and Talon Williams, the Movement (Elite Wrestling Alliance, AIWF New South) with Jessica Wetmore in what was Big Wood's last match ever in North Carolina.   The very emotional McBride told the crowd after the match, and a standing ovation to Big Wood was given.

In a Battle Royal cardizem 25mg pills $104.00 of the AIWF "Young Bloods, " wrestlers in the business just a few years or less, No Comparison Joe Harrison (C4W, AIWF Mid Atlantic) came [cardizem 25mg pills $104.00] out on top of 14 other wrestlers for the victory.

In 6 man tag action, Team Northeast (Maverick, Marvel, and Frost) were defeated by the Mid Atlantic team of Rhyze, HVW Champion TJ Boss, and C4W Champion Johnny Anthrax.   Team Northeast assumed looking at Anthrax earlier in the night that the team would be his size, but were quite suprised by his huge team mates of Boss and Rhyze.   This battle is far from over though, as the battle of the North vs South began, and it was apparent that the fans, although highly disliking the Northern trio, would love to see them back in the South to "get their butt whooped again" as a fan said!

The returning Justin Flash was successful Friday night with tag team partner Jason Blade, but Saturday's test for the long time AIWF ring veteran was too much and Flash fell short to High Velocity Wrestling superstar Aaron Vaughn in a match that the crowd wanted more.   These two men took each other to their limits, and even Vaughn said so himself, claiming victory for HVW, and stating to the attending promoters that he was ready for his shot.

Viper (High Velocity Wrestling, AIWF Mid Atlantic) and Ivan Righteous were very vocal to the Mt. Airy fans about their blatant use of their EBT cards at the front door and concession stand as they said, but Ricky Morton wasn't too fond of their talk.   In the end, Morton, the 30 year veteran, got the pinfall in a very hard fought contest over Viper.

In the Main Event, the 1st match of the Best of 13 series match up between AIWF North American Champion Diafullah Dobashi and AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Chief Attakullakulla went everywhere in an AIWF Hardcore Rules matchup.   In the end, it was Attakullakulla getting the victory and the 1-0 lead in the series with a sit down powerbomb right on top of 10, 000 thumbtacks! This match saw exploding boom sticks, barbed wire, and so many items that the loyal AIWF fans in Mt. Airy will remember for years to come.

We want to thank each and everyone of you for coming out to the shows on both nights.   With your support we were able to raise a lot of food for the Foothills Food Pantry in Dobson, North Carolina, and help celebrate the heritage of the AIWF as it turns 21!

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