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Cardura 1mg pills $162.00   no limits championship - “dangerous” danny south vs. Playa’ (c) Danny South was a house on fire as he was on his game all night against the No Limits Champion cardura 1mg pills $162.00, knowing that this was his first shot in a long time and there was no telling when he will be given the opportunity to earn another shot. Just as much as Danny was prepared Playa’ was fully charged and ready to defend his title to no cardura 1mg pills $162.00 end on this night! With moves ranging from Danny South hitting a nasty Uranage Slam on the apron to a crucial Enziguri that knocked Danny all the way outside, this match had every single fan either on their feet or on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. After having his knee worked over for a good portion of the match, Playa’ was eventually able to secure the victory via [cardura 1mg pills $162.00] School Boy after a hard-fought match that lasted well over ten minutes.  Suddenly, much to everyone’s chagrin The Riders of the Apocalypse made their way to the ring as the No Limits Champion struggled to his feet. Everyone knew what was on their mind right off the bat as they all slid into the ring and Famine grabbed the microphone. He berated Playa’ for a straight minute and even slapped him directly in the face before challenging him to an impromptu No Limits Title Match. Tom Trust ran to Playa’s aid and refused to sanction this title match until Playa’ grabbed Trust by the collar and forced him to make the match! Impromptu Match - No Limits Championship - Famine vs. Playa’ (c) Famine instantly kicked Playa’s hurt leg out from under him and had him under control from the get go as the bell rang. Playa’ did his best to stand up to The Riders, but it was all in vain as they even had to cheat to win here when Dylan Kage held Famine’s arm from outside the ring to ensure the pinfall victory and the final step in The Riders owning all of the C4W Titles!


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