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Day 1 1. ) HCW Continental Champion "Millionaire" Mike Kash beat "Natural" James Blade in a Blindfold Match 2. ) HCW Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Striker with manager Sandy Beach pinned Blue Tiger 3. ) Damian Bane with Mr. ceftin 500mg pills $324.00 Cobblepot defeated "Bulldog" Chris Smith in a No DQ Match 4. Ceftin 500mg pills $324.00 ) "mr. #1" Jonny Rose and Happy The Clown beat HCW TV Champion "Foxcatcher" David Torreau and "Hollywood Star" The Oscar   Day 2 1. ) Damian Bane beat The Black Demon 2. ) "The Natural" James Blade pinned Dan Striker to become the HCW Light Heavyweight Champion 3. ) TV Champion "The Foxcatcher" David Torreau beat Blue Tiger in [ceftin 500mg pills $324.00] a Ladder Match 4. ) Team HCW ( Jonny Rose/James Blade/ Blue Tiger) beat Team Wessex Wrestling( Lewis Blain/ Mike Kash/ Dan Striker) in a War Games Cage Match     ceftin 500mg pills $324.00

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