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Match #1 Single Elimination Match  Smoke  vs.   Justin Blaze  WINNER: good match to kick off the night event with these two do not like each other and they were out to hurt one another in this opening contest cheapest sildenafil citrate, when it seemed as though Smoke had the upper hand and was about to put Justin away, Brock Garvin came out to ringside and when Justin had the ref distracted Brock took it upon himself to jump in the ring and hit Smoke with a pair of brass knuckles, this allowed Justin Blaze to score the pinfall victory    Match #2 Tag-Team Match  Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) vs.   Masters of Mayhem (Mikey G & SuperBeast) WINNER: this was a rematch from two weeks ago only this time it was SuperBeast filling in for an injured Robbie Evans, both teams claim to be the best and tonight might we just find out whom is the better team, M. O. M controlled  most of the match but the current heavyweight champion Cra-Z-C and his partner Jason Williams were more than resilient on this night, and in the end in a stunning and shocking upset it was the Fugitives of Sin scoring a huge pinfall victory over the once powerful Masters of Mayhem, as Mikey G was being pinned by the Heavyweight champion Cra-Z-C in the center of the ring, SuperBeast was attacked on the outside of the ring by what was believed to have been a fan whom jumped the barrier but upon investigation it was Pyro whom hasn't been seen in the YBW in month's, two question's came out of this match one what is Pyro's motivation for his attack and two what has happened to the Masters of Mayhem, since Robbie Evans abrupt departure from the YBW due to injury the once powerhouse Masters of Mayhem have gone from being the top team in the YBW to [cheapest sildenafil citrate] the bottom of the barrel, could this be the end of the Masters of Mayhem?   Match #3 Single Elimination Match  Opie-2-Dope vs.   Brock Garvin  WINNER: Brock Garvin was out to prove something on this night as he man handled Opie in this match dominating it from the get go, and probably would have won the match easily had it not been for Smoke coming to ringside and distracting Garvin this allowed Opie to roll up Brock with a simply school boy roll up and score a huge upset victory on this night, as Opie and Smoke made there way back to the locker room you could here Smoke mocking Garvin and laughing at him over his lose tonight to Opie-2-Dope   Match #4 Triple Threat Elimination Match  Skylar Kruze  vs.   "The WildBoy" Maniac vs.   "Hollywood" Keith Dye W/ Ms. Harley WINNER: Skylar Kruze was impressive in his debut at the YBW as he and Maniac put on quite the show in the beginning of the match for the YBW universe with quick high intensity moves, it was Keith Dye whom slowed the action down to his pace when he interjected himself to the match, as a matter of fact it was cheapest sildenafil citrate Keith Dye scoring the pinfall over Skylar Kruze eliminating him from the match, then Hollywood turned his attention to Maniac, using his size to his advantage he executed strong high impacts on the smaller Maniac, but the ever resilient Maniac would not be denied and in the end hits Hollywood with the death valley driver and picks up the huge pinfall victory on this night    Match #5 Tag-Team Match  The Misfit's  (Executioner & Matt Bradley) vs.   AIWF/YBW U. S. Cheapest sildenafil citrate champion  "the thrasher" evil & dethrow w/ ms. Harley WINNER: this match was made because of what took place last week at LAST RITES, in an attempt for the Misfit's to extract some revenge of Evil and Dethrow,  unfortunately it was not meant to be as neither Matt Bradley nor the Executioner had no answer for the much larger Dethrow and the sheer toughness of Evil not toe mention the distraction of Ms. Harley on the outside of the ring, and in the end it was the help from Ms. Harley that allowed Evil to hit Matt Bradley with the EKO and score the pinfall victory, and in the end it was Evil and Dethrow standing tall in the ring with there hands held high, how will the Misfit's respond to this defeat and what is next for Dethrow and Evil now?   MAIN EVENT  Triangle Match  (Non-Title Match) NWA World Jr. HeavyWeight Champion Chase Owens  vs.   AIWF/YBW Hardcore Champion "Xtreme Franchise" Eric Micheals  vs.   Thomas Cage  WINNER: this match was everything and more as Thomas Cage and Eric Micheals brought everything they had against the number one ranked wrestlers in the world Chase Owens, a definite candidate for match of the year for the YBW or AIWF or the NWA, Owens was tested on this night by two of the young lions in the AIWF in Eric Micheals and Thomas Cage, in the end Chase Owens apparently injured his knee upon jumping off the second ring rope as he rolled to the floor for the YBW medical staf to check of him the match inside the ring continued with Cage and Micheals with Micheals hitting Cage with the Berserker on Cage but before Micheals could cover him Chase Owens jumped in the ring and tossed Micheals out of the ring and pinned Cage in the ring scoring the victory on this night, just a unbelievable acted by Chase Owens feigning injury in order to score a pinfall victory, as Chase made his way back to to locker room amongst boo's from the YBW universe you could hear Chase Owens claiming that tonight he proved that he is the best wrestler in the NWA the best wrestler in the YBW and the best all around wrestler the AIWF has ever seen and no one can defeat him   Thank you to all the of the YBW universe for there continued support and remember for the best pro wrestling in the south come out to the YBW arena in Jasper, TN at 204 Pottery Street live every saturday night thank you all and have a great week!!!    

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