“ I want to go out the way I come in, as the most hated SOB in the building” That was the statement Chuck King made on October 19th in Mount Airy N.C. after he turned on his partner Robbie Evil during the AIWF World Tag title match with the Movement. This came after the AIWF Mid Atlantic fans gave Chuck an emotional send off with a standing ovation. Chuck, still injured from the title win in September when Dysfunctional Disorder defeated The Gunnaz after a year of battling the odds to win tag gold. Chuck brought in a man by the name of Ox Baker Jr to take his place in the match on the 19th, but it was all a part of a plan that looks to have been in place for months, and was orchestrated by none other than Mid Atlantic commissioner M.T. Hawks who was at ring side in disguise, and reviled himself after chuck turned on Robbie. Afterwards King, and Hawks, along with Baker Jr. left the building together. Keep watching the AIWF Mid Atlantic internet episodes to see how this all came about. We will have more on this breaking story as it becomes available