Civil War continues Battle Lines have been drawn

That’s right C4W Explosive Wrestling fans. The Battle Lines have been drawn. And as of now its truly unclear as to who has chosen what side. On one side C4W….home to the likes of Eddie Rooster The Cock of Rock The GOAT Johnny Anthrax Mason Myles No Comparison Joe Harrison Anthony Alexander Steven Hunter Mikal Mosley and many others. A group of friends that started a company together. On the other side AIWF Wrestlingthe “promise land” of independent wrestling. A company where one man had a dream to be the most recognized name in independent wrestling. In this one mans quest he saw fit to try and seize control over C4W andAiwf/C4W Pro Wrestling Training Facility Questionable actions were taken in retaliation as C4W’s owner lashed out at another affiliate Dirtysouth Wrestlin. whose owner Mike Shoals retaliated by assisting his own stable to victory to successfully “steal” the C4W tag titles and return to there home promotion as C4W Tag Champions ….. and now……The Battle Lines have been drawn. Come see all your favorite C4W stars Saturday July 26th Doors open at 5pm Bell-time is 7pm All seats are just $5 and are first come first serve. C4W Wrestling live at the X Gym Sports Mall.