Death becomes Parts Unknown Champion

As everyone in C4W knows, where Anarchy Kid goes…chaos follows.  With his trusty trash can full of weapons, this Parts Unknown Championship quickly became an Anarchy Rules Match!  The two warriors used each other as human pin cushions, hitting, slapping, poking, dragging, and breaking things over each other for almost ten solid minutes until the Riders of the Apocalypse came running down unprovoked and attacked both wrestlers.  Already drained, neither were able to mount much of a fight against all four Riders as they dog-piled on top of Nitecrawler and threatened Referee Sloboy’s life before making him count the pinfall and crown a new Parts Unknown Champion in Death from the Riders.  Nobody will ever know who will be defending the title as The Riders have adopted the old Freebird Rule of being able to have any member defend any title they hold as a group.