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It was just 2 weeks after had there "Homecoming" event. On that night C4W owner dropped a bomb. When he announced he was declaring Civil War on the AIWF and his targets would be none other than the affiliates of the AIWF. But according to (owner-DirtySouth Wrestlin)  "We had booked Anthrax for this show months ago dipyridamole 75mg pills $133.00, Even some of the was on there homecoming show. . . . . . WE WERE FRIENDS!!!!  We had no idea what he had in store. When he approached me earlier in the day he spoke very highly of my son and said lets really put him to the test and let him wrestle Anthrax. "

. Dipyridamole 75mg pills $133.00 . . . . Not a fan favorite anywhere except the C4W Arena. Well known for his ability to [dipyridamole 75mg pills $133.00] wrestle. . . . but just as notorious for utilizing to secure a victory. is an up and comer and considered to be one of the young lions of the AIWF. Mike Shoal stated  "My son gave it a heck of a go but in the end Anthrax out smarted him and got the win. . . . . but then what happen was despicable.  "Unbeknownst to me A. C. went to the ring along with  who i assume is now one of A. C. 's lackeys. and attacked my son. They stretched him out as Anthrax climbed to the top. . . . . It was about this time the locker room started buzzing and i looked through the curtain just in time to see Anthrax come from the top and drive his knee into the back of Kevin's knee. At this point i was acting on instinct as i charged the ring.  And while i tended to my son A. C. dipyridamole 75mg pills $133.00 and his clan grabbed there bags and left. This is far from over" Mike had many more colorful words for A. C. but I've chosen to not include them. Lets just say Mr. Shoals is looking for some retribution and has plans to be at C4W 's next show on June 7th. when C4W hosts

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