Dylan Kage takes the place of WAR!!!!!!


Dylan Kage was a man possessed during this match as he dominated Shady from bell to bell. This match was hard to watch as a fan because Shady Duh Clown was forced to be a martyr in a situation he was not even involved with in the first place. This was Kage’s way of showing exactly what he is capable of and why nobody should question anything he ever does in C4W again.

Dylan Kage even went so far as to act like he was leaving the arena after the match, but instead returns and rains down a vicious post-match assault on Shady Duh Clown. This brought “The Golden Child” Christopher McKenzie out from the back to stop the attack and demand answers. With McKenzie livid and waiting for an explanation, Dylan gave a very intricate yet simple answer. He proclaimed that he had, “seen the light” and had “an epiphany”. That epiphany was that he had found his new brothers, his newfound family…The Riders of the Apocalypse. Before he knows it, Golden Child was surrounded on all four sides as he turned around into a sickening Crescent Kick, knocking him out cold!