EWA 12/8/2012

Saturday December 8th The AIWF proudly brought to you an AIWF Southern Heritage event from Elite Wrestling Allaince. If you missed this show you missed some hard hitting action and here are the results from that event.

Match 1. Johnny Rokk defeated Zach Malone via submission

Match 2. “Diamond’ Derick Myers defeated Grand Moki via DQ when Ivan Kozlov interfered

Match 3. The Bonecrushers defeated The Movement due to outside interference from Jerry McCoy

Match 4. James Lynn & Deon Mercer defeated Shaun Banks & Mikey Watkins

Match 5. JC Kent defeated Joey Idol

Match 6. D’Andre Jaxson, Keith Dye & Paul Thomas defeated Josh Frozt, Luke Patterson & EWA Champion Zach Stevens