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Monday September 23, 2013, Mount Airy, NC - AIWF Senior Executive Vice President Tim Dolan announced today that (UPWA) is now an official member of the AIWF family.   This partnership will bring UPWA to a national fan base, as well as bring AIWF to Southern West Virginia with our territory. As a member of the AIWF Mid Atlantic territory, UPWA will have the ability to bring in great talent from South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia finpecia 1mg pills $136.00 finpecia 1mg pills $136.00, and West Virginia to go along with their great roster of superstars already. Finpecia 1mg pills $136.00 current upwa champions include:  upwa heavweight champion t. R. Superstar, and the tag team championship will be decided soon. We here at the AIWF look forward [finpecia 1mg pills $136.00] to bringing the fans of Southern WV not only the stars of UPWA, but now the stars of the AIWF and all of our members and affiliates throughout the US! - Tim Dolan, Senior Executive Vice President, AIWF Wrestling

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