Flash wins Money in the Piggy Bank, Cashes in!

Saturday August 17th in the Mount Airy National Guard Armory AIWF presented Deal with the Steel 2013, the 17th installment of the Deal with the Steel series beginning in 1997 as the ORIGINAL all cage show.

dwts-1In the opening contest, Ty Tyson refused to get in the ring against who he claimed was a monster Steven Strick.  Commissioner MT Hawks came out to announce since Samantha Starr didn’t want him alone, and since Ty didn’t want him alone, he was willing to let both of them take him on in a Handicap Match!  In the end, Strick got the final blow and won the match.

James Anthdwts-2ony and Natural Born Playa, both members of Lady Marion’s Gourmet Chocolate Factory, came up short against Chuck King and Robbie Evil (Dysfunctional Disorder).  For winning the match, Chuck and Robbie will take on the AIWF World Tag Team Champions The Gunnaz in Mount Airy on September 21st.

dwts-3Jimmy Jannetty and Rob McBride finally got their one and one in the cage, but the referee ruled the match a no contest when an old friend of Jannetty’s appeared, Mr. T.R. Superstar!  As the two of them laid out a bloodied Rob McBride, out of nowhere Dradwts-3ake Tungsten appeared and helped Rob take out Jannetty and Superstar!  As the fans erupted, Drake let T.R. know why he was there, he wanted him after intermission in an I Quit Match!

After intermission, Drake Tungsten made T.R. Superstar say I Quit, but not after both men and the referee ended up bloody and bruised.  Jannetty assisteddwts-5 his friend Superstar injure Drake’s ankle.

In the Money in the Piggy Bank match, Justin Flash defeated Court Montgomery, TJ Cannon, Dennis Reaper, and Phil Stamper after a grueling 21 minute match that saw everything from ladders, chairs, and thumbtacks all over the ring and 5 men dwts-6truly pushed to their limits.

In the main event, Sgt. Stryker, Johnny Reb, and suprise partner DICK FOLEY defeated JD Anderson, Damien Arcandwts-6aae, and GQ Niles much to the delight of the Mount Airy faithful in attendance (well over 300+).  Although it appeared to end our night, out of nowhere Justin Flash appeared, threw the Pinata over the ring to referee Darren Ceran cashing in his chance, and defeated JD Anderson in seconds to become the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion!dwts-6a