FMW Results from Oct.27 show in Fairview,NC

 FMW Results for Oct.27,2012 In Fairview,NC

FMW Tag Team Match.
1.Random Acts of Violence vs Essence Of Anarchy
(Chris hate & Jason Jett) (Nicholas Gabriel & Haven)
Winner By Disqualification.Essence Of Anarchy (Nicholas Gabriel & Haven).

FMW Triple Threat Hardcore Match.
2. Shane Bryan/with Mr.Bousson vs Walker Mack vs Hightime.
Winner and still FMW Hardcore Champion Shane Bryan/with Mr.Bousson.

FMW Grand Championship Match.
3. Playboy/with Lovely Selita vs Big Jim.
Winner and still FMW Grand Champion Playboy/with Lovely Selita.

4. Peter Griffin (Everett Johnson)
Raging Rooster (Shane Bryan)
Kurt Angel (Nicholas Gabriel)
The Mortican (Big Jim)
BK Valor (Hightime)
Scott Hall (Jason Jett)
John Cena (Charlie Magnet)
Jammin Jason Jett (Chris Hate)
Judge Valor (Luscious LeAnn)
Vader (Haven)
Jeff Hardy (Dalton Daniels)
Sting (Kevin Reeves)
Winner of the IMPOSTER’S RUMBLE. The Mortician.