FMW results in Fairview, NC June 8, 2013

                                                                 FMW results in Fairview, NC June 8,2013
1. Reaper & Mr. Crazy vs Jason Jett & Shadow Wolf. Winner Jason Jett & Shadow Wolf.
                                                                          FMW Hardcore Title Match …
2. FMW Hardcore Champion Cyanide vs Shane Bryan vs Walker Mack. Winner Cyanide. Then Jason Jett came out and cash in the real deal contract against Cyanide and walked out the New FMW Hardcore Champion.
3. BK Valor vs Super Law. Winner Super Law.
                                                                               6 Man Tag Match
4. Alexis Parrish & Wicked & Jesse Starr vs Aden Blaze Ryan Dreamer & James Drake. Winner Alexis Parrish & Wicked & Jesse Starr.
                                                                             FMW Main Event
5. FMW Grand Champion Big Jim vs Dylan Dollar. Winner FMW Grand Champion Big Jim.