FMW results

       FMW Results for June.14th,2012 In Fairview,NC

1. BK Valor vs Luscious LeAnn. Winner by disquifcation Luscious LeAnn.
2. #1 contender for the Hardcore Title. Shane Bryan vs Dalton Daniels. Ended in a Double Countout.

3. Death Riders vs Big Jim & BK Valor. Winner Death Riders.
4. FMW Grand Title Match. FMW Grand Champion Brett Hawkins vs David Austin/with Mr. Bousson.Winner and New FMW Grand Champion David Austin.

5.Hardcore Championship Fatal 4 Way match. Champion Jason Jett vs Shane Bryan vs Hightime vs Dalton Daniels.Ended in a double 3 count between Jason Jett & Dalton Daniels and the Hardcore Title will be held up until July 28th.when there will be a rematch between the 4 wrestlers and have to have a winner.