FMW/STW Results for 4/21,2012

FMW / STW show in Waynesville ,NC Results from Apr.21,2012

1. STW U.S Champion J.M Nelson vs Mr. Biggz. Winner and still STW U.S Champion J.M Nelson.

2. Big Jim vs Scotty Black. Winner Big Jim.

3. Ryan Chaos vs Neil Nitro. Winner Neil Nitro.

4. Team FMW  Insanity & Shane Bryan & Brett hawkins vs Team STW  Cyanide & Leroy Dudley & Sledge and the team that wins will have a triple threat match for the STW Diehard Championship. Winner Team STW Cyanide & Leroy Dudley & Sledge.

5. Diehard Champion Cyanide vs Leroy Dudley vs Sledge. Winner and new STW Diehard Champion Sledge.

6. J.M Nelson vs Cyanide with special guest referee Ryan Chaos. Winner Cyanide.

7. STW Heavyweight Champion Jason Banks vs Joey Agony. Winner Joey Agony. Earl Gordo came out and change the out come of the match because of STW rules and regulations Earl Gordo said that Joey Agony threw Jason Banks over the top rope and the referee did not see it so Joey Agony was disquified and the winner and still heavywight champion is Jason Banks.