Nov30-MISS-Kyle-6There are some in the wrestling world that think current AIWF World champ Kyle Mathews should pick someone and just lay down to them dropping the title before the November 30th title match in Clinton Mississippi. Their reasoning behind this is Kyle’s safety. Ever since Kyle won the title on May 25th in Blue Ridge Ga. Sixx has been waiting for his turn at a title shot, all the time the anger growing inside him. Sixx can’t get over how he was put out of the 4 way match to determine the champ, and Kyle has been the object of his obsession ever since, and with 6 months of anger eating away at Sixx, some feel that he will do anything to win that title even trying to end the career of Kyle Matthews. The logic is that if Kyle would just drop the belt to someone that is less of a monster, that he can walk away from the match and wrestle again, and Sixx can focus on whoever has the belt. Kyle on the other hand has always been a fighting champion, and has traveled the country to face much larger men and come out on top, He has faced the best in the business, and others feel he can hold his own in the ring with the Salem Sinner. Kyle himself shows no sign of fear about facing Sixx on November 30th in Clinton Mississippi. One thing is for sure the fans who attend the show that night will witness history. David and Goliath part two.   

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