Full Momentum Wrestling Presents “IMPOSTER RUMBLE”

Full Momentum Wrestling Presents “IMPOSTERS RUMBLE” Oct.27,2012 at Fairview Community Center, Fairview,NC.Show is $7.00 & kids $2.00 and free admission to kids in costume ages 12 & under.Doors open 6:45 and action starts 7:30pm. All wrestlers will be dress as their favorite superstar in the IMPOSTER’S RUMBLE.All FMW wrestlers will enter the ring and the only way you can win is to throw your opponent over the top rope.The last wrestler that is in the ring will win the IMPOSTER”S RUMBLE!!!!!
After the show last saturday night we have new tag team champions where Southern Pride(BK Valor & Big Jim) defeated The Brotherhood in a ladder match. What will The brotherhood(David Austin & Bryan Austin with Mr. Bousson) & The FMW Hardcore Champion Shane Bryan do and say after their loss? We have a new FMW Grand Champion Playboy/with Lovely Selita. Who will he defend his title against? Also Dalton Daniels is the New FMW Technical Champion and he is ready to defend his title against anyone saturday night. Who is going to step up an go after his title? What will happen now since Jason Jett has been suspended an
what will he have to say to the FMW GM? FMW also has a few other surprises saturday night. Also appearring will be The FMW women’s Champion Luscious LeAnn,Pure Air,Nicholas Gabriel,Chris Hate,Hightime,Brett Hawkins,Whoopsy Daisy and many more.Tell your family,friends,kids of all ages and all wrestling fans they don’t want to miss this show because Its Wrestling Like It should Be!!!!