Full Momentum Wrestling results Feb.9,2013

FMW Hardcore Title match

1. FMW Hardcore Champion The Perfect Weapon Shane Bryan vs David Austin/with Mr.Bousson.

Winner and New FMW Hardcore Champion David Austin/with Mr.Bousson.

2. Bryan Austin vs James Drake. Winner James Drake.


3. Jason Blood vs Cyanide. Winner Cyanide

FMW Royal Rumble for any FMW of their choosing.

4. Jason Blood ,Cyanide, Travis Roberts, Devin Aire, Walker Mack, Aaron Vaughn, Dylan Dollar, Mr. Crazy, James Drake, Shane Bryan, Serial Killer, Bojack, Cobra. Winner of the Royal Rumble Serial Killer and He will wrestling for the FMW Hardcore Title at the next show March 9 in Fairview,NC against David Austin.

Tag Team Match

5.Barely Legal ( Tom Williams & Will Balderas) vs Travis Roberts & Cobra.Winner Barely Legal (Tom Williams & Will Balderas).

No DQ Match

6.Devin Aire vs Walker Mack. Winner Devin Aire.

FMW Tag Team Match.

7.FMW Tag Team Champions Southern Pride(BK Valor & Big Jim) vs The Federation(Aaron Vaughn & Dylan Dollar).Winner The Federation(Aaron Vaughn & Dylan Dollar) with the help of interference by Walker Mack.

FMW Main Event.

8.Ryan Chaos vs Randy Wayne. Winner Randy Wayne.




Winner Barely Legal( Tom Williams & Will Balderas).