Full Momentum Wrestling Results May 4,2013 in Waynesville, NC

Here are FMW results from May 4,2013 at Waynesville, NC. Bell time  7:30pm.

 1. FMW Hardcore Champion Shane Bryan vs BK Valor. Winner FMW Hardcore Champion Shane Bryan.

2. Ryan Dreamer & Aiden Blaze vs Shadow Wolf & Mr. Crazy. Winner Shadow Wolf & Mr. Crazy.

Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contender for the Hardcore Title.
3. Cyanide vs Haven vs Flynn Bryan. Winner and #1 contender Cyanide

                            FMW Technical Title Lumber Jack Match
4. FMW Technical Champion Brett Hawkins vs Dalton Daniels. Winner and New FMW Technical Title Champion Dalton Daniels.                          

                                         FMW Grand Champion Title Match.
5 . FMW Grand Champion Playboy vs Big Jim & A Special Opponent Jason Jett. Winner and New FMW Grand Champion Big Jim.