Full Momentum Wrestling Results

          FMW Results for Oct.20,2012 In Clyde,NC

1. Rob Killjoy & Shea Shea McGrady vs Will Demented & Walker Mack.
Winner Rob Killjoy & Shea Shea McGrady

2. Haven vs Nicholas Gabriel.
Winner Haven.

3. Playboy/with Lovely Selita vs Whoopsy Daisy.
Winner Playboy/with Lovely Selita.

Triple Threat Submission Match
FMW Technical Title

4. Dalton Daniels vs Jason Jett vs Chris Hate.
Winner do to interference the New FMW Technical Title Dalton Daniels. After Jason Jett turned on Dalton Daniels after the match an had the help of Chris Hate. The FMW GM has suspended Jason Jett.

FMW Tag Team Title Match
Ladder Match
5. The Brotherhood Southern Pride
David Austin & Bryan Austin vs BK Valor & Big Jim
with Shane Bryan mystery partner Playboy

Winner and New FMW Tag Team Champions Southern Pride BK Valor & Big Jim. After the match Playboy turned in his FMW contract and pinned Big Jim and became the New FMW Grand Champion.

STW Heavyweight Championship Match.
6. STW Heavyweight Champion Travis Roberts vs JM Nelson.
If Travis Roberts wins he has full control of STW and if their is not a winner by the 15 minutes of the match then they will go to a 5 minutes sudden death. Must have a winner. Winner is The New STW Heavyweight Champion JM Nelson.