HEART OF A CHAMPION – by Rick ”Krusher” Knopf

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HEART OF A CHAMPION – by Rick ”Krusher” Knopf
  Most kids dream of fame and fortune as the play on sand lots, school yard basket ball courts and, baseball fields across this great country of ours. Then there are those few that dream of becoming a professional wrestler when they grow up; Johnny Romano was that kind of kid.
  Johnny got bit by the wrestling bug as a little kid watching weekly wrestling shows on T.V. The WWF, NWA & AWA. His heroes were wrestlers, such as HBK – Shawn Michaels, Lion Heart – Chris Jericho, The 123 Kid, Flyin’ Brian Pillman and many others. Dreaming of one day becoming a pro wrestler himself and fighting for championship gold, fame, fortune, and being the home town hero.
  FLASH FORWARD-  Johnny Romano, 5’8” 185lbs, started his wrestling journey into the fast paced world of indie pro wrestling 12 yrs. ago in 2003 wrestling in every small wrestling venues, bingo halls, skating rings, and backyard parking lot shows across America. He chose the ring  name ”The Italian  Heart Throb” Jonny Romano to seek out his slice of the “American Pie”, if you will.
  Johnny Romano wasn’t the biggest, the strongest, nor the most toned wrestler out there. But Johnny had the one thing every athlete needs and that’s heart. Johnny bounced around for 3 yrs. in the local indie scene. Then, in 2006, Johnny got a phone call from a wrestling buddy, Blain Rage, with an invitation giving Johnny a chance to come down to Ocala, Florida to get trained by former NWA World’s Champion -Dory Funk Jr. at The Funking Conservatory a pro – wrestling school in the Sunshine State. Johnny learned the necessary tools of the trade, all the ins & outs of the wrestling business, the psychology of the game, bumps, wrestling holds cutting promos, and how to perform in front of a camera.
  .After leaving Dory Funk’s wrestling school, Johnny had reinvented himself. Dropping the ring name of ”The Italian Heart Throb”, Johnny transformed his ring persona into ”The One Man Boy Band” Johnny Romano from Bayside, California. Wearing O’Neal sunglasses and flashy ring gear, Johnny was set to make his mark on the pro wrestling scene. And he did just that, winning titles in every promotion that he worked for in the south.
  While wrestling for the group GWE – Georgia Wrestling Extreme, Johnny won the GWE Junior Title and defended it against all comers in 2015 at  GWE’S October 3rd show ”A NIGHTMARE ON PINE STREET ” at The State Theater in Albany, Georgia.   Then Johnny Romano got his dream match of all dream matches. He was to wrestle Drew Game for the AIWF World’s Cruiserweight Championship in front of his hometown, friends, and family in Albany Georgia. The stage was set, the lights flashing multi-colors over the ring, the fog machine blowing out thick clouds of fog. Then Johnny’s ring music played over the house speakers: The Spice Girls’ song “Wannabe”. Then out comes ”The One Man Band” Jonny Romano. Next to come out to the ring, was the AIWF’s Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Game. The battle was long and hard with Drew Game gaining the upper hand then Johnny would counter and gain the advantage. It was a hard fought battle, with both men leaving everything they had in the ring. But then out of nowhere, Johnny hit the champ with a Michinoku Driver for the 1, 2, 3.
  Since winning the title, Johnny has been a fighting champion; fighting sometimes two shows a night. In just two weeks time, Johnny has defended the AIWF World’s Cruiserweight Championship four times in four different promotions under the AIWF banner.
Johnny Romano my not be the biggest AIWF World’s Cruiserweight Champion on record , but he has the heart of a champion .
 ”The One Man Boy Band” Johnny Romano is living proof that dreams do come true.