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The Ten Count With Velvet Jones By Matt Classic 1. How did you get started in pro wrestling? I’d been going to some local wrestling shows. I’ve been a fan all of my life. When I went to the shows, I thought the ref’s sucked. I asked the promoter if I could work as ref. He invited me to the next show and I was a referee for two years. One night, a wrestler didn’t show up for a Tag Team title match and the promoter put me in his place. I had been training to wrestle all the while as a ref but wasn’t sure when I was gonna debut. And so, I was introduced to the unpredictability of wrestling firsthand. 2. How did you hear about and get involved with AIWF Wrestling? I was actually going through facebook and applied for the 2011 Krazy 8 tournament. I wasn’t selected but I applied the next year and made it to the finals. AIWF was making its presence known down here in Georgia. Now that it’s in the right hands, AIWF New South can grow and be fruitful as was initially planned. 3. Herbolax 10 strip box $210.00 what are some memorable moments in your pro wrestling career? both of my krazy 8 appearances were very memorable regardless of the results. Most recently, my herbolax 10 strip box $210.00 first round match against Kyle Matthews this year in the tourney. Three months prior to this match, my fiance’ passed away. Three months before that, I was in a car accident. So for me to wrestle and pick up a pinfall victory over the man voted the Best Wrestler in Georgia over the past three years in my first match in six months was very memorable. 4. What is your entrance music and what made you choose that? Right now, it’s “Start It Up” by Swizz Beats. The opening lines kinda define my hustle. Working to get where I’ve been and where I wanna go has not been easy. Still, there are those who wanna impede my progress. I don’t go over or around life’s obstacles, I go through them. So it’s a reminder that if you’ve got a problem with me, start it up. Just make sure you can finish it or I will. 5. Who has been your toughest opponent? Me. I’m passionate about this sport but not so much about the business’ shady side. I can get in my own way sometimes because I’m brutally honest and don’t pull any punches. Unfortunately, it rubs some people the wrong way but it doesn’t bother me. I’m the only person I see when I look in the mirror and if my reflection is happy, so am I. 6. If you could wrestle anyone you haven’t in a match who would you wrestle and why? Booker T. He broke the mold for a lot of African-American wrestlers by simply being himself and not compromising who he is. He was big, strong, and athletic and I’ve been compared to him at times. I really want the learning experience that comes with it more than anything. 7. How far is the farthest you have every traveled to Wrestle? North Carolina, actually. However herbolax 10 strip box $210.00, I’d love to travel the country and wrestle wherever the opportunity to compete, learn and grow presents itself. 8. Any pre or post match rituals you partake in? I find a private corner and kneel and recite the Lord’s Prayer. When I’m done, I mark a cross on my chest with my hand, look to the sky and [herbolax 10 strip box $210.00] “I Love You” to my Dad and my late fiance’ April. I’m a Christian man and proud of it. I’m no Bible-thumper but I embrace my faith and never run from it. 9. If you could ask anyone in wrestling one question, what would it be? I’d ask Vince McMahon “For all of your many accomplishments, what would you consider to be your biggest wrestling-related failure?”. 10. How can people contact you? You can check me out on facebook under my name Anthony Velvet Hall. Skype me @planet_velvet. Instagram me @planetvelvet. Follow me on SocialCam @PlanetVelvet. Also, promoters can contact me through my email, which is sykhosis@yahoo. com. Finally, you can check out my blog. I just wanna say thanks to the AIWF network. The comraderie has allowed me to travel to new places and I’m truly thankful for the experiences.

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