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AIWF Mid-South/WAR Prestige Results 7-13-13 By Phillip Searcy We came to you from the Houlka Community Center in Houlka, MS with possibly one of the most anticipated show in Mississippi this year. New champions were crowned and AIWF world title was on the line. So [hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00] here are the results.

  1. Your first match was to crown the brand new AIWF Mid-South Tag Team Champions. It was The Home Grown Heroes facing against The Supreme Squad. Both teams familiar with having tag team tag team gold but they both realize how big these titles are. Both teams fought their hardest but in the end Supreme Squad came out and realize they are one step closer to becoming world tag team champions.
  2. Next was the contract signing between World Champion Kyle Matthews and Mid-South Champion The Charles West. West told Matthews that he respects him but he is going to win the world title from him tonight. They both shook hands.
  3. The next match was between Bobby Moore and Steve O’Malley. Bobby Moore made his debut against the returning Steve O’Malley. Moore did all he could but O’Malley came out on top as the winner.
  4. WAR Champion Jay Andrews came out and said they he is a fighting champion and will face anyone. Tony Dabbs comes out and makes a challenge. Andrews says if you want it you got it. Then Dabbs and Evans attack him and then Barry Wolf and Wil Sharp come out for the save. Wil and Barry also want a shot. After the intermission they ruled that Andrews is not able to compete and had to surrender his championship. So for the vacant WAR Championship Rob Allen made a triple threat match and the winner gets the WAR title. It is “Bad Attitude”Tony Dabbs (accompanied by Jon Evans) vs “Radical” Wil Sharp vs Barry Wolf. Sharp already being Heritage champion was victorious and won his first Heavyweight Title. He told everyone when he won the heritage title that it was only the beginning and he was right. Now Wil Sharp is on top of Wrestling All-Star Revolution now being a Double Crown Champion.
  5. Then our main event was for the AIWF World Title. First man was AIWF Mid-South Champion The Charles West. He has waited for this moment his whole life to battle for a world title. Then there is Kyle Matthews a very accomplished wrestler all over the world. West prepared constantly for this match. The match went around 30 minutes maybe more. It was back and forth the whole match. Just when West thought he beat Matthews, Matthews gets a reversal pin on him and came out on top. Hytrin 1mg capsules $95.00 kyle matthews then gets on the mic and tells west that he pushed him in this match and is very proud to have fought him and that west will be world champion one day.
  Kyle Matthews vs. The Charles West has had to have been the top match this year in the state of Mississippi and a contender for AIWF Match Of The Year! If you missed this show you missed an amazing show.

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