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Welcome to the first ever Reality Check for AIWF. net. My name is Justin Carter, and I would first like to thank the AIWF for the chance to be a part of the website and to contribute in the way of articles and results for various promotions. For my first article I want to go into some detail about myself and where I come from. I've been watching wrestling for as long as I can remember and my dream was always to be involved in the business in any way I could. I have accomplished that dream in different ways such as working as a backstage hand helping where I could as well as jumping in the ring to ref an entire show with no ref experience. I can say this, it gave me a imigran 100mg pills $526.00 new-found respect for those refs that are so often forgotten but have a very important job. Fast forwarding a few years and I now proudly hold down the cohost chair, along with my friend of almost 10 years Mike Hogan, as we have embarked on an adventure of over a year of filming our own YouTube wrestling talk show. Imigran 100mg pills $526.00 we call it top rope reality and you can find us on facebook. com/TopRopeReality and YouTube. com/TopRopeReality. We have been able to cover current events as well as discuss special topics involving wrestling as well as interview such names as DJ Pringle, Tessa Blanchard imigran 100mg pills $526.00, and the legendary Dr Tom Prichard. Enough about me, I want to close this article telling you all what is planned for Reality Check. My next article will be all about a promotion known as Central AllStar Wrestling. A company that is rising quickly and putting together great cards. I will be discussing some of their upcoming dates and details of the shows. I will soon be traveling to one of their upcoming [imigran 100mg pills $526.00] shows and will provide coverage. Finally I have another article upcoming that will showcase a man by the name of Justin Overstreet. I hope you come back to AIWF. net and join me as I continue bringing more Reality Checks. I'm Justin Carter and I thank you for your time.

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