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AIWF Mid-Atlantic 7-20-13 The near capacity crowd in Mount Airy, NC was given quite the treat last night.   In the opening match, AIWF Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight Champion James Anthony go toe to toe with newcomer Jo Jo Dancer.   In the end, Lady Marion’s newest acquisition, James Anthony, was successful in his defense.   He then found out September 21st in Mt. Airy Jordan O’Neal would be returning for his shot at the Cruiserweight title if James can hold on to it until then. A new tag team to the Mid Atlantic the Texas Tornados (Jacob Kilgore and Galon Rameriz) defeated Chuck King and Zane Stevens by Disqualification.   Chuck not with his normal tag team partner Robbie Evil was out of his element, and the referee caught Stevens and King cheating after Stevens had picked up the win and reversed the decision. The 3rd match of the evening saw Lady Marion’s other client, the Natural Born Playa, successful over Phil Stamper after outside intereference with James Anthony.   Playa seems frustrated with the outside help, and frustrated in the direction his agent is taking him.   Phil Stamper prior to the match brought out the Pig Pinata, which Tim Dolan took from him and let him know he would be in next month’s Money in the Piggy Bank matchup and he could earn the pig back. In the next contest of the evening, Jimmy Jannetty and Jody Osborne regained the AIWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championship against Team Fabulous (Luscious Lance and Fabulous Frankie).   After the match, Jimmy and Jody continued to beat on Frankie and Lance until Tim Dolan came out to stop.   Declaring that the two men would face Rob McBride and Rudy Gonzalez inside of the cage at Deal with the Steel, Jody attacked Tim from behind and Jenny attacked referee Darren. Rudy Boy came out of nowhere for the save inderal 10mg pills $61.00, helping Team Fabulous clear the ring.   After getting up, Dolan seemed quite upset with the new tag team champions, and informed Jenny and Jody that they had been suspended for 60 days for striking an official!  Jimmy seemed ok that they would all get the night off at Deal with the Steel, until Dolan informed him that Jimmy Jannetty would take on Rob McBride inside the huge cage structure on August 17th much to the delight of the fans! Rick Deezel then made his way out for his always controversial Like it or Not segments, and this one was sure to not let the loyal Mt. Inderal 10mg pills $61.00 airy fans down. [inderal 10mg pills $61.00]   Watch for the video later this week. In the next contest, the returning Deimos took on AIWF Premier Championship top contender Moonshine Mantell.   In what was considered an excellent contest, this two went neck and neck for a solid 12-15 minutes before Deimos picked up the victory. AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion JD Anderson and GQ Niles defeated Sgt. Stryker and Johnny Reb after Damien Arcane interefered.   Dolan made his way back out to ringside, and told the fans that he has had enough tonight.   He informed Arcane that since he wanted to get involved, he could wrestle in the cage next month.   Stryker, Reb, and anyone Stryker can find will take on Anderson, Arcane, and Niles.   Arcane argued he had a medical condition and could not wrestle, but Dolan informed him that he still had a 3 year contract, he was medically cleared over 6 months ago, and if he didn’t wrestle, Anderson would be stripped of the Mid Atlantic Championship! In the main event, Justin Flash defeated Justin Overstreet to become the new #1 Contender for the AIWF World Heavyweight Championship.   In what the fans were heard saying an incredible showing, both men fought hard for the right to take on Kyle Matthews in the near future. AIWF Mid Atlantic returns to the Mt. Airy National Guard Armory (185 Patrol Station Rd. , Mt. Airy, NC 27030) on Saturday August 17, inderal 10mg pills $61.00 2013.   Doors open at 6:30pm, Belltime at 7:30pm for the first cage show, Deal with the Steel 17!  Make sure you get there early, this show is a sell out each and every year!

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