Kick heard around the Indy World

The C4W Championship was the final match as The Riders’ Pestilence challenged Johnny Anthrax with “The Warhawk” Dylan Kage as referee.  Surprisingly, both The Riders and Elite were allowed at ringside to start the match off.  Bedlam ensued yet again within minutes of the bout beginning, but “The Warhawk” was able to regain the reigns by getting on the microphone and sending BOTH factions to the showers!  With the match back under control, Anthrax was able to wrangle Pestilence up for his Quick Strike finisher and a close two count only to be tied up and held in a sadistic Ankle Lock from Pestilence for several minutes during a second Quick Strike attempt!  Johnny is able to earn the upper-hand again and double Pestilence over for a second Quick Strike only to catch a huge Crescent Kick from the referee of all people, knocking the champion down and out in the blink of an eye!  The crowd’s boos echoed throughout the X Sports Complex as Pestilence lay on top of Anthrax, getting the tainted win but the win nonetheless.  Pestilence is the new C4W  Champion because of “The Warhawk” Dylan Kage and his choices.  The locker room nearly completely emptied with everyone’s jaws on the ground in utter surprise and rage.  The Riders escape at the last second, leaving the explanation and much, much more for the next C4W Explosive Wrestling event as we come back to The X Sports Complex on Saturday, August 10th!  BE THERE…or be scared!!kickheard