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On June 7th 2014 C4W now considered to levitra 60mg pills $178.00 be a hostile affiliate of the AIWF hosted A Night of Miracles for the Grand Strand Miracle League.  The card was stacked featuring the likes of Steve Corino, Jesse Neal, and Harlem and Lancelot "The Bravado Brothers".  But it appears that someone had ulterior motives.  After a temporary shutdown that owner A. C. Collins has verbally stated came by his own actions in order to retrieve his company from the conglomerate known as the AIWF.  C4W restarted in March and A. C. himself declared civil war against the AIWF and all of its affiliates. But on this particular night A. C. would be caught off guard. Since restarting there has been qualifying matches for all of the titles and on this night miracles would truly take place.  A. C. had brought in Ring of Honors own Bravado Brothers to take on The Real Tree Mafia AKA Playa and Big Country. Playa was the first person to "jump ship" and join the company A. Levitra 60mg pills $178.00 c. had first set his sites on Dirtysouth Wrestlin.  A. C. is well versed in the dirty side of wrestling as it was Rick Deezel himself that took A. C. under his wing and made him the longest reigning champion in AIWF history.  But on this night it was the owner of DSCW Mike Shoals who was one step ahead of A. C. Without a doubt A. C. had in his eyes brought in a ringer to capture the C4W Tag Team Titles.  With security posted at all the doors they had explicit instructions not to let anyone from DSCW in the building. Shoals however hid in the vehicle that The Real Tree Mafia drove directly into the arena and waited. When the opportunity presented itself Shoals came to ringside causing just enough of a distraction for Playa and Big Country to capture the C4W Tag Titles. To our knowledge this is the first time one affiliate has successfully captured another affiliates title. We contacted A. C. to get his side of the story however he was not willing to say much more than Dirty South lived up to there name and had stolen his tag team titles and that there would be repercussions for there actions. At this point A. C. has no choice but to book The [levitra 60mg pills $178.00] Real Tree Mafia in an attempt to retrieve his tag titles. As well Mike Shoals has stated "They know where there belts are levitra 60mg pills $178.00, Come get'em"

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