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Results from TCW "Xtreme Heat" show 8/10/13 Austin, Tx. levothroid 200mcg $148.00 The show started off with the TCW Commissioner Mr. ADHD coming out and announcing that Moonshine Mantell was not there, so the the match would change, but Johnny Axxel is the clear #1 contender to the TCW Heavyweight Championship. Jordynne Grace and Bolt Brady then made their way to the ring to say good-bye to the TCW fans. Jordynne Grace said she would not announce her opponent till before her match. Bolt Brady announce his opponent being Mr. B. After both Mr. B and Bolt go face to face and shake hands levothroid 200mcg $148.00, Bolt leaves the ring, and out from the back AIWF Premier Champion Badd Blood slid in the ring and attacks Mr. B. TCW Heavyweight championship Mikey 13 came in and Badd Blood bells out. Match 1 Kash Money w/ TCW Womans Champion Zane Xena-Coxx vs. Johnny Axxel w/ Sierra Sin Winner: Johnny Axxel via Roll up pin *Sierra Sin Attacked Zane after the match Match 2 "TCW Good-bye Match" Jordynne Grace vs Jojo Bravo Winner: Jordynne Grace Match 3 "TCW TV Championship Elimination match" Kevin Knight vs Anubis vs. Aski vs. Levothroid 200mcg $148.00 brysin scott(c) winner: brysin scott match 4 "aiwf west coast tag team championship match" bad boyz vs team hi-def(c) winner: team hi-def match 5 "tcw good-bye match" bolt brady vs. Mr. B Winner: [levothroid 200mcg $148.00] Bolt Brady Main Event "AWIF Premier Heavyweight Championship match" Mikey 13 vs. Badd Blood(c) Winner: Badd Blood After the match Johnny Axxel and Badd Blood jump Mikey 13, Mr. B ran out with Chair in hand to help Mikey 13. The TCW commissioner announced that at next big show TCW Halloween Hardcore show in October TCW Heavyweight Championship will be on the line, as Mikey 13 will go against Johnny Axxel for the title in a Lumberjack Match. Also, Badd Blood will go against Mr. B. Sierra Sin will get a shot at the TCW Womans championship against current champion Zane Xena-Coxx

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