Membership Application Form

Before filling out this form, please read this in it’s entirety!

1.  You must have run at least 1 year and a minimum of 10 shows before we will accept you as a member.

2.  If you do not submit an email address, we will discard your application right off of the bat.  We have to have a contact email on file for each group.

3.  If you are within 1 hour or 60 miles of another affiliate, that affiliate will also have to approve the addition to our affiliate program before we send your application to the Board of Promoters.

4. Affiliates are responsible to send all results to the main office within one week of each show hold. Email to

5. AIWF Logo must be present on all websites, myspaces, facebooks, twitters, or any other web advertisement.

6. AIWF Logo must be present on all posters, postcards, or any print or video advertisement.

7. Must provide information about each upcoming event to the AIWF office at least two weeks prior to event, email

8. Must announce AIWF Wrestling at each event as being the sanctioning company for the show with website information.

9. All web advertisements must link to the AIWF Wrestling main website.

10. All new affiliates must be approved by the Board of Directors or Promoters..

11. Promoters will be required to meet at minimum once per year with all other members and AIWF representatives in order to be eligible for the Executive Committee.  (This meeting will occur every January in Mt. Airy, NC during the AIWF Anniversary show).

12. Affiliates are required to have an AIWF champion (whether it be World titles or Territory titles) present for at least one show per year.

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