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Sunday February 24, 2013 - Mt. Airy, NC - The AIWF announced today that some changes are coming to the way it handles it's affiliate program, [mesterolone 20mg pills $85.00] and all of the details will be announced shortly.   This announcement comes on the heels of some other movement in the AIWF, as membership guidelines were being put into place to ensure all fans a quality wrestling product throughout the entire affiliate program. mesterolone 20mg pills $85.00   "These changes coming in the next month or two will truly seperate the AIWF from it's competition, allowing the AIWF to focus on the importance of each affiliate, not just as a entire group, " says Tim Dolan, Senior Vice President of AIWF Wrestling. Also announced today was the resigning of the AIWF World Heavyweight Champion Chief Attakullakulla, who is now referring to himself as the UIWA World Heavyweight Champion.   "We wish Chief the best of luck in this new endevour in his life, and we at the AIWF were proud to have him as our champion, " says Dolan.   "Look for the announcement soon of a tournament for the new AIWF Heavyweight Championship. Mesterolone 20mg pills $85.00 " with the aiwf being in his 21st year of operation, the aiwf continues to provide a banner for major wrestling companies around the world, being the largest sanctioning body in pro wrestling today.   With the restructure will come some big changes that will benefit not only the companies involved in the program mesterolone 20mg pills $85.00, but fans as a whole ensuring a quality product to each and every fan attending an AIWF show or sanctioned show.

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