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Full Momentum Wrestling Presents "TRIBUTE TO STARCADE" Dec. 8, 2012 at The Fairview Community Center, Fairview, NC. Doors open at 6:45pm and wrestling action starts at 7:30pm. Adults:$7. 00 and kids:$2. 00 and 5 & under free. FMW will be putting on the same matches as Starcade did including the one and only dangerous Scaffold match. It will be one awesome night. Starcade was one of greatest wrestling events ever to happen. So come out and experience Tribute to Starcade and have a great time. You will see FMW women champion Luscious LeAnn, FMW Grand Champion Playboy/with Lovely Selita, FMW Hardcore Champion Shane Bryan, FMW Technical Champion Dalton Daniels and mirapex 0.5mg pills $266.00 the FMW Tag [mirapex 0.5mg pills $266.00] Team Champions The Brotherhood/with Mr. Bousson, Chris Hate mirapex 0.5mg pills $266.00, Jason Blood, Hightime Brett Hawkins, BK Valor, Big Jim, Nicholas Gabriel, Haven, and many more FMW superstars. So make sure you get there early and get a good seat because you will witness one great night and It Will Be Wrestling Like It Use To Be. For more information on FMW upcoming shows go to

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