New AIWF Tag Team Champions?

Saturday night April 27th in Skuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, AIWF World Tag Team Champions Team CK (Carr & Kage) were supposed to defend the titles against The Gunnaz (Ty Reno & Blackie).  With an unfortunate turn of events, Blackie’s car literally was on fire along the side of the interstate, and AIWF Northeast Director Mike Johnson allowed Ty Reno to select another partner.  Ty came to the ring alone, and asked for anyone in the locker room to step forward.  Studly Steve, somewhat of a mismatch for Ty Reno, came out and the two defeated Team CK for the tag team titles.

We attempted to reach out to AIWF Championship Committee members this morning for more information, but was unable to reach anyone.  The question we have is just who is the AIWF World Tag Team Champions?  Is it Studly Steve and Ty Reno?  Will the committee allow Ty Reno & Blackie to hold the titles since Steve was just filling in?  Hopefully we can get answers soon, and you will be the first to know here at

The below video was submitted by a fan to the AIWF website.  Take a look at the match and see what happened in the ring!