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Not Another Ten Count…Turning the Tables on Matt Classic By: Timothy J Snyder This will be the first of many articles to come for you from me. OK I imagine that you are wondering a few things just about now. Olanzapine 7.5mg pills $92.00 first is who the heck is this guys olanzapine 7.5mg pills $92.00 and next would be why he gets to write an article for aiwf. An easy answer to both so here is the answer to the first. My name is Tim olanzapine 7.5mg pills $92.00, once known as the indie ref Conner, and I am a published author. All right I know that really doesn’t mean a lot in the wrestling business but my first book is written about wrestling so…The answer to the second is because I asked nicely. No seriously I did. Fine Matt Classic asked me to write this so…I am. I know you all follow this page and are avid followers of “The Ten Count” by Matt just as I am. He likes to hit AIWF’s stars with the burning questions that all of the fans want to know. But he has remained untouched with having to answer them, so I thought it would be interesting to turn the tables on him by making him answer someone else’s questions…yes I do mean my questions. Me: Thanks for agreeing to do this Matt I’m sure the fans are going to find this very interesting and informative. My first question is easy. Why, who, or what got you interested in wrestling? Matt: My father mainly we went many local shows throughout my youth as well as watching the product on Television as well as VHS. Me: How long have you been doing this? Matt: I have been doing this around 5 years. Me: What brought you to AIWF? Matt: I was working for a federation which joined the AIWF. Me: In your opinion who is the most underrated star in AIWF? Why? Matt: One person I am truly enjoying these days is Jason Collins he doesn’t get his due. Me: In your opinion who is the most overrated star in AIWF? Why? Matt: The most over rated are The Faction based in AIWF West Coast due to their underhanded tactics and their disregard for AIWF Corporate Authority. Me: Who is the most overrated star on the indie scene? Why? Matt: Matt Taven I just don’t see it in him personally and in top prospect tournament there were much better talent I see as future stars ACH, Adam Page, [olanzapine 7.5mg pills $92.00] TD Thomas, etc. Me: Who is the most underrated star on the indie scene? Why? Matt: Corey Hollis very underrated due his southern base and I think primed for big break out in 2013 throughout indies and ROH. Me: What is your biggest goal in the business? Matt: My goal as always has been leave the business a better place than I found it in which I think I am doing hopefully. Me: What do you feel has been your biggest failure to do in the business? Matt: My biggest failure the fall in membership from 140 federations in AIWF to now though was necessary maneuver and has worked out sense. Me: If you could change anything about wrestling right now what would that be? Why? Matt: More wrestling less storyline I am a purest I guess for the sport. Me: Once again thank you Matt for allowing me to interview you and for letting me write for the site. I plan on subject the fans to a few more articles written by me. There you go fans a first for me and a first for this site a fantastic interview with Matt Classic. I hope you found this intriguing. If not well wake up enjoy the rest of the page and you are welcome. Glad I could lull you to sleep with my writing skills…don’t blame me I just wrote the questions Matt answered them. No seriously thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you keep your eye on the page because I do have more to come just as AIWF has more wrestling excitement coming your way.

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