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FMW results

July 15, 2012 AIWF 0

       FMW Results for June.14th,2012 In Fairview,NC 1. BK Valor vs Luscious LeAnn. Winner by disquifcation Luscious LeAnn. 2. #1 contender for the Hardcore Title. […]

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AIWF Blue Collar Wrestling Results

June 25, 2012 AIWF 0

AIWF Blue Collar Wrestling show results for June 24th 2012BCW House of actionPortland OregonMain Event MatchAIWF BCW Tag Team Championship©Wonderfully Vicious defThe Hounds Of Hell Semi […]

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AIWF Crown Wrestling Results

June 25, 2012 AIWF 0

AIWF Crown Wrestling Show Results June 23rd 2012Salt Lake City UtahCrown Wrestling Arena.Attendence 175Main Event MatchAIWF BCW and AIWF Crown Wrestling Heavyweight Title Match©Badd Blood Vs.AOW Desert […]


Heat Wave 2012

June 3, 2012 AIWF 0

North Carolina Lumberton—Ring Wars Carolina at Lumberton Indoor Flea Market: RWC No Limitz Champion Kris Nemesis def. Shooting Star… RWC Tag Team Champions Real Steel def. The Off Army… Mia Svensson def. Aida Marie, becoming the […]

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FMW in Fairview,NC May 26,2012

May 27, 2012 AIWF 0

1. Shea Shea McGrady vs Will Demented. Winner Shea Shea McGrady. 2. STW Diehard Champion Leroy Dudley vs Whoospy Daisy. Winner STW Diehard  Champion Leroy Dudley. […]

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