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Welcome to part two of the Central All Star Wrestling preview here on the AIWF. net exclusive Reality Check with Justin Carter. In this article I will discuss three matches and the first is Zane Stevens vs John Saxon. Zane is known as "The Cruiserweight Killer" and while the nickname is very fitting, will it be helpful in a match with Saxon. John has traveled the world and been in the business since 1986, so he will certainly have the experience advantage. Will Zane be able to prove that he can go with someone with more than 20 years experience and have youth prevail penegra 50mg pills $63.00, or will John be able to use his experience advantage to come out victorious? I personally feel this match could steal the whole show. Now we go from a for sure show stealer to a dark horse match. Penegra 50mg pills $63.00 their will be the debut of the barroom brawler. I'm extremely curious about this [penegra 50mg pills $63.00] match and the company penegra 50mg pills $63.00 is keeping details limited with no clue who his opponent is or details of who Brawler is, so even with no details and just a picture to go by I'm sure the match will not disappoint. In my last article I said a wrestling show isn't complete without a woman's match well the same rings true for tag team wrestling and again Central All Stars did not disappoint. It will be Men on a Mission 2k taking on The Circle of Disrespect. This tag match will certainly be another potential match to steal the show. MOM 2k is of course Sir Mo, former WWF Superstar who has found a new partner to carry on the mission of the original team. The mission of Sir Mo is anti bullying and he travels the country promoting BullyMania even showcasing the BullyMania Championship belt. I found the news very fitting that they are facing the team of The Circle of Disrespect consisting of The King of Florida Francisco Ciatso and his partner Simon Sez. I am curious to see how they will fare against the anti bullying campaign of Men on a Mission 2k. Tomorrow I will cover the rest of the card for the May 15th Callaway Florida event. I'm Justin Carter for Reality Check and I hope to see you in Callaway.

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