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Propranolol 20mg pills 360 pills $431.00 aiwf championship rankings breakdown by: matt classic c - kyle matthews- kyle is the pound for pound potentially the number 1 pro wrestler on today wrestling circuit he has been coast to coast in 2013 and defended vs some best aiwf has to offer and beyond including several of these contenders. 1- Justin Flash- Justin Flash is most likely a future AIWF Hall Of Famer, A former AIWF World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Champion and the current AIWF Mid-Atlantic Champion. Flash has been successful vs a wide range opponents from his big win in money in the piggy bank at Deal with the Steel 2013 to his #1 contender victory vs Justin Overstreet. He just seems come up short when battling Kyle Matthews for AIWF World Title will the third time be the charm? 2-Justin Overstreet- Overstreet is a modern-day rambling man having been all over AIWF and majority Southern United States in 2013. propranolol 20mg pills 360 pills $431.00  Overstreet like Flash has come up short in big matches in 2013. But he has also won vs wide variety of opponents in 2013 and continues to which keeps him a strong contender. 3- Salem Sinner Sixx- Salem Sinner Sixx was he unfairly Disqualified in Blue Ridge Georgia?  When in AIWF Competition he has not been pinned or submitted but were does this man go for stretches is the AIWF Promotions afriad have him on their cards maybe so but he can destroy anyone on any given day. 4-Badd Blood- Badd Blood love him or hate him has been solid and strong AIWF Premier Champion having defended throughout Oregon propranolol 20mg pills 360 pills $431.00, Washington, California and Texas in 2013.  He claims Kyle Matthews is ducking him and AIWF is against him as to why he has not received his world title shot is this true or just excuses? 5- Charles West- Charles West is strong AIWF Mid-South Champion having been very successful in Mississippi and Tennessee for AIWF.  But Charles did loose by skin of his teeth to Kyle Matthews in MS in July but was also hailed as Kyle Matthews as his toughest challenger at that time for AIWF World Title so i am sure we will see Charles receive a rematch sooner than later. 6-Pestilence- Pestilence is a man possessed along with rest of Riders Of Apocalypse  who have resurfaced in C4W down in Myrtle Beach SC. Pestilence defeated a top 10 stalwart and strong AIWF Mid-Atlantic Competitor in Johnny Anthrax for C4w Championship Recently to earn this ranking and has successfully defended it many times along with sheer chaos he his cohorts have caused. 7-Torque- Torque is modern day giant killer of AIWF having recent defeated 6'8 monster and dominate AIWF New South Champion Cyrus The Destroyer for that title which has earned him this spot.  Torque is one most agile and skilled men going today and him and the current champion Kyle Matthews have history so i would not rule out that match happening soon. 8-Eric Micheals- The Xtreme Franchise is one top stars and YBW champion in Tennessee for AIWF which has historic been a strong market. Eric Micheals has had thrilling matches with Justin Blaze, Thomas Cage, Chase Owens, Thomas Shock and many more. 9-Moonshine Mantell- Moonshine Mantell Returns to rankings after strong showings in Texas Area for AIWF. He came to NC but feel short to Deimos in thrilling contest.   Look for more of Moonshine in the future i feel. 10-Chico Adams- Chico Adams is AIWF Florida Champion. Chico has been doing well down their defeating all comers and looking expand and challenge more of AIWF Top Talents which has earned [propranolol 20mg pills 360 pills $431.00] him the final spot in these rankings.

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