RCW/Boss Inc. Wrestling Results 07/20/2013

RCW/Boss Inc. Wrestling Results 07/20/2013:

Another big show is in the books, and things heated up for War Games, ending with a huge brawl between Boss Inc. and RCW that kept going!

The show began with Boss Inc. in the ring. Thomas Pain stated that Big Will would have one more chance to enter War Games by surviving the night. Randy Windom came out and talked Thomas into putting the company on the line in War Games. Boss then had Randy escorted from the building. Wes Blaze came out and introduced Zack Stevens and Keith Dye as members of his War Games team. Boss then brought out Josh Vaughn as a member of Boss Inc! But it wouldn’t last as Josh laid out Dino Dupree with a codebreaker! Team RCW then cleared the ring and announced Josh Vaughn for War Games!

-Big Dog defeated “Juicy” John Bishop in the opening contest via pinfall.

-Big Red Adams defeated Skull via count out after Skull fled from the fight. Skull excitedly proclaimed he still hasn’t been pinned.

-RCW champion Wes “OMG” Blaze came out for his match with Dino Dupree, but Dino was unable to compete due to a concussion from Josh Vaughn. Thomas named his brother, Joe Pain as his replacement. Joe was not happy but obliged with War Games advantage on the line. Wes dominated, until Zach Malone hit him with a crutch, allowing Joe to get the pin. Boss Inc. will get the first entrant in War Games.

-Diamond Roberts and Dallas Andrews made their way out for tag team action, but Crystal Fire did not come out with Miranda Rights for unknown reasons, making it a handicap match. The numbers were too much, and Miranda was defeated by Diamond and Dallas.

-Six man action was next as Boss Inc.(Deon Mercer, Chad Case, & Antonio Thunder) took on the returning Josh Vaughn, his trainer Shawn Rage, & Zack Stevens. Thunder tried to use his brass knucks, but Tristan Daniels took them away, leaving Thunder open for a superkick from Rage, and Deon ate a codebreaker from Josh allowing Vaughn to pick up the win.

-After the match, Thomas ordered everyone to the back and said he would fire anyone that came out. He then scolded Tristan, had him ambushed (which concluded with Thunder using the ring bell on him), and then fired him as he laid a bloody mess. Wes Blaze came out, begging Boss to fire him, but Pain refused. Instead he told Wes to leave the building until next week.

-Keith Dye had a chance to get revenge on Jamie Strong as they finally faced one on one. Jamie tried to cheat, but it wasn’t enough as Hollywood picked up the victory.

-In the main event, Big Will was placed in a handicap against the Sin City Mafia(Savin Roberts & Ryan Andrews). Cody Ayers came out to help his dad, evening the odds. Thomas Pain went to the crowd and handed former WCW stars Johnny Blaze & Danny Marlow w/Angel Lopez a envelope full of money, which they accepted before entering the ring and attacking Big Will and Cody. Boss Pain told Will he was in War Games, and to bring his best.

-Boss Inc handcuffed Will to the ropes and made him watch as they beat Cody ruthlessly. RCW security even got in the fray as the battle between RCW and Boss Inc. raged on all the way to the back one week early!

The madness comes to a head next week inside War Games to end it all! The battle will rage on, this time inside a cage, where someone must submit the rights to the company! Don’t miss it!